Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We lost. It was pretty straightforward, and what hurt us the most was that Steve didn't raise my 3S jump rebid to game, and we made 5. We set a 3NT attempt by the opponents, then bid a 3NT of our own due to having no fit at all, and it probably couldn't have been made with reasonable defense, but I think we had a tiny chance if the opposing hearts split 3-3. I had the other 7 to the A-K.

Today's Work: The computer in the lab that I used to use all the time now hates me. It won't let me log in, while everyone else in The Branch can log in and I can log in to any other computer in the building. For some reason, that computer alone won't accept my password. I don't have a local user account on it, and we checked the NIS settings. It's completely baffling. Also, our fileserver's finally back up, so I can work on my files again. I just need to get that travel expense report finished... having remembered to bring the receipt from the fuel for the rental car, I summarily forgot to bring the receipt for the airport parking lot and didn't feel right claiming an expense that I didn't have the receipt for. So that's going with me tomorrow.

SCRYED is weird, and the action is hard to follow, but it's entertaining. It's funnier than Sorcerer Hunters, so far, but looks like it's going to have less fanservice overall. Eventually, I hope to figure out what any single character's Alter actually does. I guess it's a bit more like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (story 3) in that respect. Actually, the art is reminiscent of Jojo's as well. Just a bit.

So I played more DQ8 while watching some of Blackadder Goes Forth. I met a bunch of Simpletons and bought some better weapons... well, a spear that's good enough to make me put my boomerang aside for now, and a magical staff that shoots fireballs and had damn well better not suck, because those two weapons just about cleaned me out... and I had to sell all three of my monster coins just to afford that much. I know where to get one more, but the enemy I'd need to beat to get it is intimidating enough to make me steer clear for now. I think I can probably beat it just by whacking it with everything I've got, and maybe resorting to the paralysis techniques I've learned (doubt they'd work, though), but I don't want to risk it. Oh, and there's another monster that looked big and scary, so I didn't bother to fight it, as I was weak at the time. I always put off casting Zoom until the last minute, unless I'm inside a building and will just bang my head on the ceiling. And for a second, I thought the CRUNCH sound was the ceiling breaking. Nope, just the hero's head. I wonder if Yangus's helmet would be strong enough if I put him in front of the party...

Not much is going on, and it's not entirely because I got home so late. House is off the air for the night in favor of yet another award show, so I've been free all evening. It's a good feeling. I think I'll just go watch an episode or two of DearS and see if I can't actually get some sleep tonight. I doubt it, but trying may make me feel better in the morning. As long as I'm up before 6, I have no complaints there.

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