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Ah, news!

Is it just me or is Snopes really, really slow today? And the latest Meijer commercial, with the guy singing the blues about how full he is because he can afford to buy more food from Meijer, is a direct ripoff of an ARS Service Express commercial featuring Li'l Simone. And just to prove my point, right after I heard that Meijer commercial this morning, the ARSSE commercial was the very next one. I love when that happens.

Man has a sex-crazed ghost exorcised by a medium. Told you I'm not the only one. He says the sex was interfering with other aspects of his life, like work and trying to find a living girlfriend.

A Japanese company wants to transport smells over the Internet. The receiver is rather crude for now - a blender with six scented oils in it. But this could make the Internet experience even more immersive... you'd be able to smell the roasting as you entered a forum flamewar, or have yet another sense involved on those porno websites. Heaven forbid, you could probably even get a whiff of the tubgirl. But can it recreate the Jesus candle scent?

Another immigrant cabbie returns a bag of jewelry left in his cab. You know, if more people were honest like that and people had no reason to distrust anyone else, stories like these wouldn't even be noticed. Just a thought. And quite possibly a CONTROVERSIAL SATEMENT... but I don't see the need to label it as such.

This probably isn't a surprise to anyone... and Yahoo Personals have been accused of fraud in their online dating services. Match allegedly has its employees respond to profiles whose members are thinking of canceling their subscriptions, and even agreeing to go on dates with them. Yahoo just posted profiles of its employees to make it look like more people were out there to be found than there actually were. The litigants want to go class action on their asses, and that's probably a good thing. If this sort of stuff is really going on, then the online dating industry needs some major reform. Like maybe just pulling the plug altogether. With resources like Livejournal and topic-based forums out there, I suspect that people are much better off finding friends and then looking for online dating interests.

And that really is a CONTROVERSIAL SATEMENT!

Student pees in school ice machine on a dare. They're trying to figure out what to charge him with, but I'm pretty sure it's assault, or some variation thereof. But the Health Department says it's not a health risk. And if sailors can survive by drinking their own urine, it can't be THAT bad drinking someone else's... actually, strike that. I certainly don't want to do it. So who was the first to complain about the taste?

A South Carolina salon is closed down for being a house of prostitution. It seems that I read something similar somewhere recently... someone mentioning that there needed to be a way to determine whether massage parlors offer "happy endings" without offending anyone. Some cartoon or webcomic character, I suspect. I think I just checked all the work-safe ones and it wasn't there.

An endangered Japanese white stork is fitted with a prosthetic beak. I've seen this story circulating already, but here it is again.

School superintendent gets busted for an air freshener camera in a women's bathroom. It was the one in the administration building, "fortunately", so I don't expect there to be any kiddie porn on it. But what's interesting is that he was only caught because he charged it to the school. Had he been willing to spend a mere $300 of his own money, it would probably never have been noticed, unless someone realized that the bathroom still stank despite the air freshener and decided to check it out. And they'd probably just trash it and replace it. Maybe we all need to be more conscious of the fixtures in our bathrooms. Anyone remember the couple who found a camera in their rented bathroom's light fixture? For an unrelated reason, Singapore wants to crack down on women taking too long in the bathroom. I wonder whether there will be timers or fines involved in the process.

Another case of post-mortem mistaken identity. A man calls his mother the day after she's told he's been killed. It turns out that the dead guy just had his identification on him, for whatever reason.

Man gets 15-month sentence for smoking on a plane and hitting the flight attendant who told him to quit. I guess not all cravings can be cute and fuzzy like the Honeycomb one... not that that one's at all cute.

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