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Today's Bridge: I wouldn't say I've got a shot at first place... not really. But Paul and I defended a hand today that never should have been bid. We had a 30 partscore and were shooting for game in 3S, when CP jumped into the auction with 4H. I had A-K-x-x of hearts as well as all the side power we'd already established, so I doubled that, and much to my surprise, it stuck. Mike had only one heart, and CP didn't have many, and we ended up setting them seven tricks vulnerable. 2000 points is hardly chump change for one hand. I think Paul did a great job defending that one, too, adroitly leading me spades to finesse what power CP had. There was another interesting hand where we managed to set them a few tricks, undoubled nonvulnerable, but what made it stand out for me was that the board was out of diamonds, and I knew Paul had plenty of them, so I thought he'd be better off leading anything but diamonds. I actually favored a trump lead. But he led the diamonds, and CP had to ruff on the board, which ended up setting up my Q-10 of clubs in addition to Paul's ace, which he sagely took on the first club trick. I led a diamond to his ace to start, and he cashed another top honor to pull the board's last. Then he led another winner to the board's J-x-x of trump, and CP naturally ruffed. Then he led a club to Paul's ace, and Paul led another diamond. I was out of them by that time and prepared to overruff anything CP tossed with my ten to pull the jack. Instead, he sluffed a heart, and I did the same, so the board's jack was spent, and I had Q-10-x of clubs left to duck CP's king and take two top club tricks. I think it was a spade contract where I could have set them another trick by leading my trump out, but I'd lost count. It's not often that you defend a spade contract with A-Q-10-x of spades... and it was my partner who had the king. Still, in the third rubber, they're the ones who managed to assemble the first game. I think we had a shot at it, but Paul let them have 1C instead of balancing, and we were the ones with the points. They made quite a few sacrifices, though, and I wasn't willing to risk doubling them on most of them. Either I wanted them playing in that suit, or I thought they had a chance to make it. Or both.

I forgot to write my weekly status report today. Oh well. I'll turn it in first thing Monday morning. Everyone else does it then anyway. My big accomplishment was rewriting our install script due to the problem we noticed late yesterday, that the install hangs up if the UPS isn't connected. Now we check for it, and if it's not there, we make a new startup script to retry the installation each time the system starts.

As you can see, it was another night so late that it ran into the next morning. I don't mind as much because I think some resolutions have been made, and I don't have to work tomorrow. Also, I find it very interesting that the green puppy spawned not just comments, but actual conversations in my news post this morning. ^_^

I've gotten really rusty at Katamari. I need to fix that. I also endeavored to play a bit of Equinox tonight, but it crashed when I got the Heal scroll. (I decided to start over again... those later levels are a pain.) I'll have to look into that a bit more. Or something else.

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