Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Surprising news

Sounds like a comic book title.

A cat jumps or is thrown from a pickup truck, runs through highway traffic, dives off a 70 foot tall bridge, and swims to shore. Maybe it heard someone sitting down from miles away and had to get a piece of that lap action, because "cats do not work".

Bolivians honor human skulls in an annual Mass. Another good luck charm, essentially. But I bet Sunako would love it there. Maybe she'd fit right in. I only wonder how she'd react to the lit cigarettes in the mouths of the skulls. That's not a prank... that's part of the ceremony.

Woman steals a rare parrot by stuffing it in her bra, then tries to use it to buy a car from a friend of the owner. Polly wanna C-cup or bigger, lady!

This may come as a surprise to many. Men are more likely than women to find things funny, but women enjoy good humor more than men. It actually goes along with a conversation I was having last night. Personally, I enjoy the humor and then analyze it to see if it could be told better or adapted into something else.

I think this story is about the same cruise ship that I reported about before, which we've all heard quite a few times by now. This article says that they fended off the pirate ships with the help of an LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device. I've used an LRAD before, and believe me, it would make a very effective weapon. Not quite Batman Beyond's Shockwave powerful, but nobody's going to want to be in that beam for very long.

Drunk moose break into an elderly home in Sweden. I think that about covers it, really. They wanted more of the fermented apples that got them drunk in the first place.

A court awards women refunds from an online dating service that failed to deliver results. The legal cap for a service that doesn't promise a minimum number of results is $25 (it doesn't say in the article how long a subscription that is), but these women were paying $1000 for six months of the service and over $3000 for 54 months. If the men pay that, they'll never have enough left to court properly, and we all know from our virtual girlfriends how important it is to buy lots of gifts. (Thanks to hearmemeep for that link.) I'd choose a girl who laughs at jokes over a girl who laughs when you pay her company for gifts any day... but according to the humor article above, I'm really going to have to work at it.

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