Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Tournament play. Paul and I held our own pretty well, considering that we didn't get many good hands. But we took a couple of hits and failed to set as well as we could have. The good news was that CP and Mike failed to bid a slam. When that's the day's good news, it's trouble.

I got into some conversations tonight and didn't even bother to watch House, although I got a sense of the first half of it before I shut off the TV. I did make the car service appointment for Friday, though. They're saying it will probably take longer this time, so I may rent a car for the day and head home to do stuff like renew my parking permit. I also want to head up the hill to the dealership proper and see about those CD stacks for the trunk, particularly of the MP3-compatible variety. If nothing else, I could put my favorite tracks from my CDs onto a small number of MP3 CDs.

The big excitement at work was finally getting an antenna cable run through a wall so we don't have to stretch the GPS cables all the way to the door. It works pretty well now.

Also, I got a few more paragraphs of Cromanga written. I'm not quite sure how Yomi would react to Hokuto sneaking up behind her, but somehow, while a judo throw seems humorous enough, it doesn't fit my image of her. I'd guess mild surprise seguing into a quick end for the scene, because it's long enough already. The final amalgam of running gags will do that.

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