Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy birthday to jay911. Another year of saving lives, many more to come.

Today's Bridge: That pretty much sums it up. We got our two games in the first rubber and ended it quickly, then moved on to a hand where I had S A-x-x H A-Q-x D Q-x C A-Q-J-x-x, which is incredibly strong. But it was Mike's turn to open, and he bid 1S. I had visions of 6S in my head, but there were procedures to be taken. I bid 3C, he bid 3D, and I went into Blackwood. One ace and two kings later, we were in 6S. Kelly led a heart, and Mike decided to go up with the ace immediately, pull trump, run some diamonds, then lead his singleton club to my queen. Raymond took the king and led a heart to Kelly's king, setting us. Had Mike covered with the ace, he could ruff back to his hand and give up the heart to make 6, but he was shooting for an overtrick he didn't need. Had he had another king, I'd have bid it. He was tempted... but fortunately, he held back. The only way to make it would have been to duck Kelly's heart, correctly assuming that she'd underled her king. And nobody does that. We set them a bunch of times, but then Kelly made a 4H contract that we couldn't set.

I've reached another one of life's amazing milestones. Tonight, I got to voice chat with kawanee. It took forever to get everything installed and set up, but now that it's done, my desktop is YM Voice Chat compatible. In other milestones, I discovered that I don't, in fact, hate sauerkraut, and that Golden Oreos are pretty good. Sorry, anime_grl_2286, but I enjoyed them.

I finished book 10 of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist today. It was very different from the related part of the anime, as far as I remember, although I expect it to be more similar from this point now that the Battle City Tournament has begun. Next entry to my queue: the Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection, which danightman points out is hardly perfect, but I haven't seen a second volume yet. That will be my reading for a long time to come after I finish Hunter x Hunter 5 and Galaxy Angel 5. Good thing I've got plenty of anime to diversify with. "Pawafuru mirakuru ima kuru. Hajikeru, magikaru, wandafuru!" (Anyone recognize that theme this time around? I think someone on my friends list probably should.)

Oh... speaking of friends list, it's one of those rare and amazing days when I find two new friends at once. Given that neither probably knows me very well just yet, I'll welcome purpleparadox and jacen3927 to my Livejournal. It gets better than this when I'm not working extra-long days to save up comp time so I can have a Christmas vacation three months after being hired. I'll probably do some retrospecting later this week, mostly on why I went out of my way to say I would retrospect when there was clearly no chance of it happening.

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