Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Nothing interesting seems to have found its way to my usual news source today, so I'll go ahead and describe the worrisome thing I mentioned yesterday. It seems that Fedora Core 3 with KDE comes, by default, with a screensaver called WebCollage, which grabs and displays random pictures from the web. Consider the proportion of images out there that are pornographic, and you can imagine the results when it runs. Also, by default, the screensaver is set to "random", which picks random screensavers from the list of available modules and runs them one after another. Combine these two defaults and you have a system that, unless you specifically tell it otherwise, will randomly go out into the World Wide Web and download lots of pornography if you let it go into screensaver mode. It's happened to two computers here, which is what led someone to investigate and figure out what the problem was. We've removed the offending screensaver from all of the computers on this project, I think, although there are still people who may need to be warned. I always picked the BSOD screensaver, which is the crash screens from various operating systems, just to mess with heads. (And now, when I lock the screen, it just goes blank instead of invoking the screensaver, so it's not much fun.)

Also, I figured out a Christmas present while driving home yesterday. I was listening to a commercial when I realized that, while what the commercial was advertising was useless to me, it did suggest something great that will work as a gift and maybe even be transportable. Obviously, I won't say what it is, but just the mention of it should remind me of what it is. (It's also something I can use for myself, if I think of it while I'm buying the present.) And I've had the ending credits song from We Love Katamari in my head for some time, but it keeps turning into one of the Neon Genesis Evangelion songs. (The one that plays while they're preparing stuff for a mission, if that helps. Probably not.) Both songs have the same note repeated three times in quick succession, which screws up my brain.

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