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This has probably been done before, but since the idea just hit me, I'm doing it regardless.

The procedure: read the question below. Think very carefully about your answer. Answer it IN YOUR OWN JOURNAL. Do NOT answer it in reply to this post--it will be deleted. Hide your answers behind an LJ-cut tag.

Do NOT read my answers before you answer the question yourself. After you have done so, you may then come back and read my answers. The reason for this is to avoid your answers being corrupted by mine or someone else's.

Copy everything above the LJ-cut tag in this post and paste it in your journal along with your answers to the meme--the instructions above are an important part of this meme.

And now, the question:

You have been given three wishes by a genie. What do you wish for?

Well, I have to go with Penn and Teller on this one. The first wish is for the genie's unqualified advice on all matters related to wishing, meaning that he will neither withhold information that may be of use to me, nor give misleading or false information, so that I will fully understand what he says and that all advice will be in my best interest. Now, having done that, I would ask the genie how to wish for an unlimited supply of wishes so that there would be no undesired side effects. With that in place, the world would be my oyster. And if there really is no way to gain infinite wishes, I'd have two wishes to use as I saw fit, with the genie's advice. If I had to choose my own wishes... I'd wish for the genie to have the power to grant me infinite wishes, then wish for the infinite wishes (making sure the genie advised me on how that would be possible with no bad side effects). Failing that, wish for a new genie who could grant infinite wishes. The infinite wishes are the key here. Most three wishes frameworks center around having to undo misfortunes with the last wish. This way, not only do I have infinite undo capacity, but the genie's advice should prevent me from having to use it. In the worst case, I could wish for the wish-granting power of the genie, but without the limitation of being bound to a lamp/bottle and a master, so that I could grant my own wishes. The advice on how to do that with no side effects is again invaluable. If for some cosmic reason, I'm really bound to just two wishes, those who don't know what my ultimate wish would be don't deserve to know. It rather sickens me, on a certain level. But after that... The genie will know far better than I do what would make me happy, because I wished it that way.

Now, with that out of the way...

I finally gave up on the air conditioner and opened the windows. It's not too bad in here now. I didn't even know I had screens on the windows. Of course, it takes a screwdriver to pry the window locks open, but... it wasn't so hot that I couldn't manage that. Instead, I spent a lot of time outside, and met a few new people, one of whom owed me a quarter. So I got back a quarter that I'd never expected to see again. I can live with that. ^_^ We got into a religious discussion, and we all know how those go when I'm involved. They don't seem to feel that it makes sense to read the Bible from beginning to end. Well, of COURSE not! That's how you get the perspective on how twisted the whole thing is! And doing away with the Old Testament as you please, or adhering to "the spirit of the Law" but not the word of the Law... yeah. I don't see that anywhere in there, even in the words of Christ. But I've been over that before. One of my neighbors, though, might eventually be interested in singing Sora ni Tondeiru Tomodachi for me. That would be cool. ^_^

I watched most of the last DVD of Fruits Basket over the course of the day, and might well finish it later tonight, depending. Not much worth watching on TV. Fox's entire lineup tonight is baseball. I hate when sports take over every station on TV and boot the normal, semi-watchable lineup! I'm working on GTP chapter 19 as well. And because I've been keeping it so secret... I might as well excerpt it. Not like it's going to be a big spoiler or anything... and it's a cool opening, although this isn't the whole opening.

A brilliant starlit sky greeted her as she opened her eyes. The stars shone clearly, without the twinkling she'd grown accustomed to from her time in the living world. This world had no clouds to distort the starlight. But the stars alone couldn't account for the soft glow that surrounded her. She sat up to get a better view of her environment. Everything she saw - the broken columns of crystal, the ornate fountains that no longer sprayed water, the fallen statues of both humans and creatures she'd never seen before, even the tiled ground itself - still emitted a faint light that belied the ruined condition of the place. It probably wasn't hell... but if it was heaven, it had recently fallen to some dark power. Still, there was an eerie familiarity to the place. It wasn't quite as if she'd been there before, but in some way, she felt incredibly safe, as if an aura of magic protected anyone who entered from harm. As soon as she saw the decrepit splendor, the fear she'd felt before vanished in an instant.

Well, I like it that way. Starts pretty dark, then gets a little better as it goes. Soon after this, she'll find out exactly where she is and why she's there. And so on. It's a pretty powerful image, I think. I hope.

I hope, I dream, I imagine. And I still don't have my hot fudge sundae. What a ripoff.
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