Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Katamari: There are only two levels where I'm still missing cousins. One in regular level 4, and three in regular level 5. I got a few more shooting stars, and still have very little idea how I did it. But I was watching TV through most of it, including most of the second DVD of House. Reminds me... I still need to finish that last episode. *Play*

Today's Shopping: Mostly manga, as usual, but the manga constitutes only a small fraction of the total cost. I got Death Note 1, Socrates in Love, Kingdom Hearts 1, Yotsuba& 3, Video Girl Ai 13, and Hellsing 7 at Borders, then picked up the new Wheel of Time book and, because I wanted to treat myself, the Calvin and Hobbes Complete Collection. Then I went to Sam Goody for triple points day and found Tsubasa 7 and XXX-Holic 6, so I bought the first four seasons of Futurama to go with them and went ahead with the two-year renewal to double the points. That's something like $75 in certificates. I figured I'd buy Star Wars: Battlefront at EB, then rounded off the day with a Chicken Bacon Ranch sub from Subway and a cup of potato soup to go with it. It seemed like a good enough way to celebrate the big payoff from yesterday. Then I came home and signed up to contribute 15% of my pay to the Thrift Savings Plan... which I think comes out to me earning slightly less per pay period than I did with EG&G, and that's without having signed up for medical insurance yet, since I just realized that the website doesn't include any information about the various plans. It's got all the plans available to all Federal employees, so I noticed that postal workers get a CDHP, but I assume that I'm not allowed to sign up for that one. All told, I don't think I have anything to worry about. Definitely not yet. And if money starts getting tight later, I can always wait for a chance to decrease my contributions a bit. I think there's a raise in my near future anyway.

Naturally, I already finished reading Video Girl Ai. I had some weird conversations today and responded to some feedback. And it's about time for bed.

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