Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

They never called back about the light. I know it's supposed to be dim but not dark when the headlights are on. But if they can't find what's wrong with it, they need tech support anyway. I did notice, however, that while the loud rattle has been fixed, the original one that I made the appointment for is still there. It's an unrelated problem that happened to be masked by the exhaust rattling. Grrr... if I make an appointment to get the light fixed, I'll have them look at that too. I also forgot to call Anime Nation to cancel the two DVDs I bought this weekend, but I don't expect time to be an issue here. I'm halfway to canceling Stellvia 5 as well, considering that I think 7 is due to come out soon or already has. I haven't heard a thing about Di Gi Charat Nyo. But that's probably another one that ADV has delayed.

I spent most of the afternoon playing Battlefront, which I'll be returning tomorrow. I beat another Galactic Conquest campaign, then decided to try a Historical Campaign. I was rolling over the opposition until about the second Yevon 4 level, which I barely won. After that, it was Hoth, which I lost two or three times before resolving to change my strategy a bit... and then the rest of my troops finally became useful and we crushed them despite their superior numbers. I think it was more luck than anything else. I certainly didn't feel like being a pilot and trying to take down the AT-ATs over and over. I concentrated on the AT-STs when I had a shot, but it was really more the pilots finally working and making my ground assault easier. After that, I watched some Monty Python, finally did the food shopping, and ended with We Love Katamari. It seems that I neglected to save my progress last time, so I had to repeat a few levels, but I did better on them this time around anyway. I may have failed to recover a present that I got that time... in fact, I know I missed the one in the firefly level. But I know where it is. I may even endeavor to get it tonight. Meanwhile, I decided to spend most of the evening trying to transcribe and translate the lyrics of Everlasting Love. Unfortunately, while I think I got about 75% or more of the lyrics down, the parts I'm missing make the translation I have more or less unusable. I've got the choruses, though, and I have a pretty good idea of what the verses are on about. What would really help at this point is if anyone who has the lyric sheet from the soundtrack could scan that song and send it to me. I'll probably order it myself at some point, but that would be the fastest way. Not that the people who want translations will read this entry very carefully... hillarygayle, might this catch your attention? In any case, even an accurate roumaji transcript would be useful. Because I know "pokari shiama yama no you ni" makes no sense, but that's what it keeps sounding like.

And I think I have a better idea of what's been causing my headaches. There's something stinky going on at the church next door, and there were trucks there this morning. Now the closest side of the building is caution-taped off. I think my repeated references to the aromatic candles joke (which I still haven't been able to locate... it's in one of the old news posts) got God pissed off enough that he blew up their sewer pipes and made the whole neighborhood stink. It sure didn't make me feel very good. Naturally, I don't believe that God has anything to do with it... it's just that it being the church that got hit reminded me of the running gag.

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