Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Vehicular update

Part one of at least two... I resigned myself to probably being without my car for most of the day, but the rattling turned out to be a simple exhaust problem, namely that the heat shields had come loose, so the mechanic replaced the clamps. I was worried that it might be a temporary fix, but he said that the stainless steel clamps they use should last a long time. As for the light, would you believe that none of the tech manuals seem to indicate that it should be lit when the headlights are on? When the headlights are on, it's usually dark, which is when you need the illumination! He had to call tech support in California, so it will be a few hours at least before we get a response. But they'll call me when they have an answer, and I'll see about scheduling a return visit when they do. So I've got time to buy food today, in my own car, and all the other stuff I wanted to spend the long day of my weekend doing. Score!

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