Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I screwed up the otherwise rubber-winning hand, but we were still way up at the end. A four-trick doubled set worked pretty well that way.

Today's Work: More experiments with the DVD-writer drive on Solaris. Most of the discs worked properly under Windows, but one of them still didn't work, so I'm hoping to look into the firmware update. Also, I finally set up the appointment for car service on Monday. Still haven't decided whether to try to get a rental car for the day to get home and back. And maybe to Wal-Mart.

Today's After-work Activities: I called ladyareia right when I got home, and got no answer, as usual. (Check the volume on that phone, maybe?) Then my cell phone rang. I didn't even realize it was on. But it was some guy wanting to talk to Harold, and he seemed to have been given my cell phone number. Whoever Harold is, he has a lot to learn about numbers. My DSL finally connected, so I signed onto Gaim, made contact, and went to take her to Olive Garden as scheduled. I love when things work as scheduled when I was looking forward to them. ^_^ There are some scheduled things I don't like, but tonight wasn't any of them. We got the never-ending pasta bowl, and as much as I wanted to try more of the sauces, I only managed to finish one big bowl and a little refill. Then we came back to my place for hot fudge cake, which I forgot to serve because, despite my original intention to whip out Red Dwarf, we ended up playing Lifeline instead. She got far enough to be mauled by the katydid monster in the hallway, and I showed her some of the more advanced monsters in the game, as well as the giant machine gun that Rio eventually manages to cram into her ass with all the heal capsules, explosive shells, and other inventory items. (This is why there are no beans on the ship... one fart and an entire section will explode.)

The side effect of all of that is that it's pretty late. I was going to mention the accident I passed today, in the same spot where I had mine a year and a half ago, although it was dry today, but at least it made me feel like maybe I wasn't the only idiot out there. I was also going to mention that Jeff found it quite amusing that the Star Wars game which he thought was "Galactic Empire" is actually "Battlefront", but he was close. However, I'm just going to mention my shower and bedtime before implementing them both. At least, for a few days, I won't start humming "Tank" every time i try to remember the Read or Die theme song.

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