Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A little bit of news in my life (funky beat)

danightman informs me that Don Adams is dead. For those of you not familiar with Don Adams, he was a frequent guest star in the Scooby Doo movies. And he was the voice of Inspector Gadget in the cartoon my generation grew up with. Oh, and he also played a character named 86 in the TV show Get Smart, which can probably still be seen from time to time on TV Land. I always loved watching his work. The classic door gag (with the phone booth at the end... steadfast Simpsons fans will remember that one) will live on.

Bangkok muggers steal a man's jeans and shoes. They let him keep his valuables and just steal the jeans, which are actually imitation Levi's. I can almost see it if they were real. Those things are expensive.

Guess what online casino is offering to pay $100,000 if a town changes its name to that of the casino. Wrong! It's not Golden Palace. wants to pay Sharer, KY $100,000 to change its name to Just imagine addressing your mail to, KY. Not that they have a post office anyway...

Utah girls ride horses to school to avoid paying high gas prices. Then school officials tell them that horses aren't allowed on school grounds and collect their kickbacks from the oil industry.

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