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I got metaquoted again. ^_^

Today's Bridge: A two-putt to our first game, followed by one of those hands where we had a 75% chance of making a slam, but Raymond passed at 3S. Turns out both finesses failed and we only made 5, but still... not a hand to pass sub-game. Then Dan engaged CP, his partner, in a duel of bidding that went 2C-2S-3NT-4H-5NT-6D-6NT-7S. Take a guess which was which. The embarrassing thing is that they made it, and the next 3NT to win the rubber. Then Dan made one crack too many about my tendency to complain when someone does something wrong, which I admit I do, although I prefer to think of it as advice in a less voluntary fashion. I threw down the cards I was dealing and left, because while I don't mind good-natured ribbing, when I'm in the middle of defending myself and he contradicts the statement before I can even say it, that's just going too far. I'm thinking about sitting out the next few days if I can manage it, but they're short of players as it is. I could always try not saying anything, but I have a way of projecting my gloom and doom onto other people and trying to make them feel guilty over my own guilt, and that's just not right. Is there a way I can feel guilty and just keep it to myself, without trying to turn it into a weapon against anyone who actually shows some concern? Well, me not saying anything other than bids during a rubber would be cause for concern. And I did try it, once, when Kelly asked me (before we'd started, so I hadn't said a damn word yet) not to criticize her that day. She started criticizing herself so much that not saying anything would have been cruel. Yeah, I'm much tougher on people than I should be, myself included. Part of being a partnership is being able to rely on your partner, and it just never seems to happen. -_-

And since I took off work a bit early this evening (I was hungry), I'll meme again.

Ten songs I really like at the moment:

  1. The final boss music from Xenosaga Episode I. It's final boss music. With violins. Boss music with violins.

  2. The Blue Man Group cover of "White Rabbit". I think the original was supposed to feel like a drug-induced haze or something, but never having been in one myself, I can only guess.

  3. "Egao no Tensai", the opening theme of Petite Princess Yucie. It's all bouncy and fun, and I like some of the weird-sounding vocals.

  4. The opening theme of Popotan. It's even bouncier and more fun. And it really gets stuck in your head.

  5. The ending theme of Mouse. "M, M, M-O-U-S-E, E, ii kanji!"

  6. "Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well" by Mike Doughty. It's got several different parts, and they're all catchy. That's a song that'll remove any other song that was stuck in your head previously and immunize you from further head-stuck songs for days.

  7. "Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta Mama", the opening theme of Magic Knight Rayearth. No list of songs I like would be complete without my favorite anime song of all time!

  8. Lulu's image song from the Angel Tails soundtracks. Probably the most fun thing about it is that I can only sing it if the audience doesn't understand it. I'm sure you can think of a song that sounds perfectly natural when sung by a 6-year-old girl, but really creepy when sung by a 25-year-old man. Doesn't stop me, though. "I'm always hoping and praying that I can become an elegant lady, so I've been taking secret lessons in front of the mirror, striking poses until I look like the lady I want to be." Classic. For that matter, I also love Ran's image song, as well as Momo's, Ayumi's, and Kurumi's. The others are also great, but I don't sing along with them as much.

  9. "White Station", the ending theme of I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs. Gotta go with the classics sometimes.

  10. The opening theme of Gunslinger Girl. It's haunting and absolutely perfect for the series. I'll be sad when I've watched the last DVD, which should be arriving Wednesday and on my shelves Thursday, hopefully.

Five people I tag to do this:

Oh, let's go with kiyoshi_05, jadestar4, temaranight, mrbubba, and chilayse. Just because.

It's early, at least, compared to when I usually finish my journal entry and shower and climb into bed. I've got an hour or two left to kill. I suppose I should go ahead and send ADC chapter 11 to the FFML, since I posted it on my webpage. Not that anyone will read it in either place, but it'll be there.

Oh, right... I forgot to buy milk. All the milk at Kroger yesterday had yesterday's Sell By date, but that was what they had, so I bought a jug. This morning, it had tiny curds in it, which were rather visible when I stirred in the strawberry syrup. I planned to buy more later this week, and just make do with orange juice until then. Fortunately, I've got quite a bit. But I don't doubt I'll need some milk to cook with.
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