Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy birthday, twh. I've tagged you, and now I've birthdayed you. I expect something nice in return. Like a muffin. Well, actually, I need to think big. Three muffins. And a cupcake. Coconut.

Today's Bridge: I think we could have lost badly, but the other side made plenty of mistakes, including a one-trick set at 4S Dbl when they could have made 6D. In the end, we were the only team to cobble together a game, out of a tense 4C and a 3C made 6 (because Raymond correctly covered Steve's diamond queen with his ace, then led a club instead of a diamond to Steve's void).

Today's Work: More random hardware issues, but we found out why the modules weren't working without having to send them back. They had switches on them that needed to be set. Great job telling us or setting them properly.... And the bad cable just had too many wires, so we clipped the extras. As for the keyboards, no idea. I changed the keymap again, and I'll just have to keep doing it as long as they keep changing the keycodes, which shouldn't happen anymore. I took some mandatory training, and I've got more to take later in the month or early next.

More Sphinx, but it was mainly just beating the Mummy area, which took longer than one Monty Python episode because it was complicated and the puzzles were tricky. Now I have to find all the healing herbs I kept spotting and ignoring earlier in the game. Oops. I'm only missing one.

There's probably something I'm supposed to say here, but I'll just leave you with the odd bit of trivia that there are, in fact, lyrics to the Star Trek theme song, which really suck and are the reason the original composer quit a few episodes into the series. No, really. It's all true. I'll go watch some Ultra Maniac, which isn't quite as cute as anticipated and really seems to lack something. Also, I don't like the theme songs. Fairies' Landing is unbelievably cute. Go look at the cover of volume 5 at your local manga-laden bookstore and tell me that's not a huggably cute character. And her name is Fanta. Wanta Fanta? You so will.

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