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Work today was productive. As I tend to do, I isolated and fixed the problem in the code within half an hour and got back to verifying correlation results. Still not perfect, but we're close, so I'll be using the rest of the week to finish that test plan and retest my module now that I've made a few changes. I believe there's a problem with the launch and impact points right now, but once I figure out how to reproduce it, I'll be able to find and fix it. I think some points are just retaining track numbers that they shouldn't be holding onto and then dropping them without reporting, which looks very odd, but is manageable.

Today's Bridge: My Spades partner decided to partner with the project lead today, and they had all the power. Not once did my side have a biddable contract, although there was a hand that we could possibly have played as a part-score in diamonds. We set them three times, vulnerable, for a total of 7 tricks and 700 points. But they won the two games to win the rubber, which is unfortunate, because the project lead honestly believes that he's doing well. He doesn't understand point count at all, and seriously makes bids "just to keep the other guys from getting the bid". If not for the two slam-worthy hands that partner declared and made, they would have lost the rubber by a lot and taught him a valuable lesson. As it was, they should have creamed us with those hands, but he'd bid with stuff like four points and five of a suit to the queen... including raising his partner's 3NT bid to 4S when my partner was sitting there with five spades and I had the necessary material to endplay dummy. I opened 1D on that hand, and had the A-Q of diamonds sitting under dummy's jack-high holding and only two spades, which got pulled early. Declarer (the project lead) cashed his spades early, and I miraculously got both of my high diamonds, although a diamond lead from my partner would have been a much better way to get it. I informed him of that after the hand, in my usual terms. ^_^ It was friendly, though. I think the least friendly thing we do is talk behind the project lead's back... partner was convinced that he was just joking about being good at the game, and that he knew what he was doing when he bid 1NT on the opening hand. I said that he seriously believed himself to be good and that the bid was a coincidence, and I turned out to be correct on both counts. ^_^ He's a nice guy, really, but he's got a bit left to learn about cards. So tomorrow, if he's playing, partner and I plan to team up and play a rubber as partners. I'll be explaining that it's for instructional purposes, but really, it's so we can put up a skilled defense, shove the project lead's face into it, and maybe finally convince him that just winning is NOT the point. I should have doubled. Didn't matter if I was strong enough... given his bidding, I should have doubled at least once. Oh well. Tomorrow.

I posted ADC chapter 7 tonight. Go check it out. If you don't know the story by now, go here first .

Yesterday's quote, which I'm sure doesn't actually make any sense: Why do the waves keep crashing into me? Maybe because I'm standing in the surf.

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