Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

News. Just news. Nothing fancy about it today.

I'm sure all you online game players are familiar with bots, but now that a Chinese student has been arrested in Japan for using one, maybe you'll see them tail off.

A homeless woman in Florida who can only afford two weeks of shelter returned a lost purse full of money. A fisherman returned a lost wallet from nearly 40 years ago that he hauled up with his catch. The moral of the story is: Don't lose your wallet.

In an article that may or may not interest jesse_dylan, Hawaiians are reviving the long-lost art of lava sledding. Obviously, it's dried lava.

This time, it was a cat that climbed onto a power line and started a fire. And it survived. Elsewhere in Nevada, a druggie demanded food from a family at gunpoint in their own home.

Accused drug offenders communicate through their toilet pipes in prison. I read a story about that once.

On request from local authorities, the "Toilet Town" flower display is moved to private property. The Grand Rapids police commander suggested that the press find some real news to cover. Hear, hear.

A woman is arrested for treating an injured duck and raising it as a pet.

A fisherman who keeps his eye on his wallet found his transmission stuck in reverse.
So he drove his boat all the way home in reverse.

An Australian misdiagnosed as a transsexual wants to sue. Doesn't everyone?

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