Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: I unlocked a new character and the Advanced tournament. I think there may be a decent reward for winning that, so I might load up Goku or Vegeta and go for it. If I can ever figure out the timing on those damn teleports and pull them off effortlessly, I should be able to put in a good showing. Until then, it'll be repeated run-throughs with my low-level characters until they're built up.

Today's Bridge: The low point for me was screwing up a hand twice. I raised 4D to 5D, even though I knew we didn't have the power to pull it off, then ruffed low and gave up a trick I didn't have to lose. I could have made 4D. I had lots of weak openers today.

Today's big news: Yes, extra big text because it's extra-important. I got to chat with pirogoeth today, as well as jadestar4 and kismetn, so they already know. livali may know as well. But other than that, this should be news to all of you. I faxed the clearance-related paperwork to Navy HR this morning, and by early afternoon, I had my job offer letter. That's right; I've been formally offered a job with the Navy, and has been pointed out to me, I'd be a fool not to take it. Aside from the obvious job security and privileges, my salary will be considerably higher than what I'm making now. And my paycheck today was the first one to include my pay raise based on the evaluations back in spring... it's more than I got last year, and it's still not close to the government's offer. So I'm going to spend this weekend getting fingerprinted at the police station (should I go to the state office, or the city office? Probably the city office, but that's annoyingly halfway across town and probably a pain to get into) and filling out the paperwork, including the evil, evil SF-86. I thought for a while that it would require me to look up my address in Yanbu, but then I realized that I beat the clock on that one. I moved back to the States for good ten years and a few months ago. So no Saudi address for me! Had this process gone on last December, when they first scheduled it, I'd have needed that address.

I think that's pretty much it. I got sick in the shower again, but with the way my sinuses have been bothering me, that's no big surprise. That, or the chicken. Tomorrow night may or may not tell on that one. I'm thinking of heading to Cheeseburger in Paradise for either lunch or dinner, just to check it out. Anyone care to join me? (This is the Bloomington CiP, not the Indianapolis one.)

PhD, in book three, has completely abandoned its roots and become Slayers with boobs. As Grenadier was to Trigun, so is PhD to Slayers. Seriously. It's pretty funny. I need to rest after being sick, so it's time for more Midori Days at last. And lots of sleep, I can only hope.

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