Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: I was at work late today, got home later, forgot to preheat the oven while I was filling the pan, and didn't end up eating until after 7. I was hungry from right after lunchtime, so I ate quite a lot and didn't feel up to exercising. I'll eventually get back to it... I can't afford to be so lazy that I just stop altogether. But the late mornings become late afternoons, which can't really become late evenings or they'll just perpetuate the cycle.

Today's Bridge: I didn't play, but the Pauls missed another slam and made one that they couldn't bid when Dan led a heart after taking his ace, rather than leading to Mike's ace. If I were Mike, I'd have been tempted to run the ace first, given that CP had bailed out of Blackwood early when he heard about Paul's lack of aces. The ace was almost guaranteed to be a winner. But no harm done, ultimately... it was an overtrick worth 30 points.

Today's anime news: I finally remembered to call Anime Nation about the shipping charge that was added to my Midori Days 2 DVD, and the guy apologized profusely while he processed the refund. I'm okay with it, because their customer service is always friendly, almost always available when I call (there was one day when nobody picked up until I dialed the toll line, but I don't think they were after my money), and quite helpful. And he said that there were shipments before and after that had been Shipfree, which was a surprise to me. But sure enough, Seven of Seven 6 of 6 shipped this morning.

Today's mail: Another Replay offer, listing a bunch of anime and manga I already have (and an offer on Zatch Bell manga that I don't think I can take advantage of having bought both books already, unless I want to get someone a gift), and a letter from the Commanding Officer of Crane HR, informing me that I've been rated ELIGIBLE for the job I applied for all that time ago. It's not an appointment, but it's a good first step. It's also nice to know that I'm fully qualified for the job I've been doing for over two years. ^_^

Today's work: It turns out that the funding wasn't in place to back the proposal we were working on last week, so that's fallen through for the moment. Not that we can't apply for it, but there's more legal stuff to dig through first. I mentioned that I didn't know how the printer setup was supposed to go, but after some investigation, we can configure everything through the control panel on the printer itself, so the instructions should be simple enough to include in the manual. Printer configuration is one of the few sections of the manual that's actually useful for something. I may look into the stuff that has to be done on the system itself and see about automating that, but given that it's done with a utility, it may be best to leave that as-is. Otherwise, things are still looking pretty good overall.

Today's DBZ Budoukai 3: Didn't accomplish all that much, but I got a capsule that says it can be used by Saibamen. A bit of research reveals that yes, Saibamen are unlockable characters in this game. Interesting. I assume that means Cell Jr. is unlockable as well, which is a good thing. I missed not being able to use the special character from the final battle in Story Mode outside that one battle in the original Budoukai.

And if I don't brush my teeth and get to bed now, it'll be another Midori-less night. I probably should skip it for one more night anyway, but I've put it off for too long as it is.

Oh, yes... nearly forgot. My old computer's battery died, and I doubt I can replace it (but I'll try). My attempt to play Woodruff and the Schnibble on the desktop in the meantime induced many crashes, and playing it on the laptop will require shutting off Gaim and all of the other programs I enjoy using. That may or may not work, and may or may not be worth the trouble. Grrr. And there was a Marathon station on the way to work that never had gas available, even on those rare occasions when they weren't much more expensive than the Tobacco Road next door. They finally gave up trying to sell gas and devoted themselves entirely to the restaurant and video rentals (I mentioned that many months ago), only to reopen the pumps under a new brand name, like Petrol Stop or something similar. Then, last week, the Tobacco Road became a Marathon. I don't get it.

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