Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 21. I expect I can finally move up to the next rung on Monday.

Today's Manga: Rave Master 16, Genshiken 2, and the first books of Scrapped Princess, Saiyuki Reload, and Ouran High School Host Club (because I really didn't have much else to buy today). I was hoping for some good anime over at Sam Goody, but they had nothing I wanted. Next week, if they have anything I care about, I might get Steamboy so I can get triple points on whatever else. I'm also told that paying for things in full on Triple Points Day is meaningless, because you don't get points for buying gift certificates, which is how the prepayments are considered. You get the points when you actually redeem the gift certificates, although there are generally promotions for making reservations on bonus days. That's what the guy told me, and I should probably learn his name one of these weekends.

Today's Lunch: I decided to hit KFC instead of Taco Bell, since I had three straight nights of tacos followed by three nights of Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper (of which tonight was the second night). I thought I was quite distinct in ordering the "Double Crunch Sandwich Combo", which took the trainee a few minutes and help from someone else to enter, and the six-piece Blazin' Boneless Buffalo Wings. The total rang up to $6 and change, and because a sign said they needed $1 bills, I handed over seven of them. I was a bit distracted, or I'd have noticed how low the total was for what I'd ordered. Indeed, he only rang up the sandwiches, not a combo. When I explained that I'd asked for the combo, the guy I assume was the manager gave me an order of potato wedges and a drink for free, so no complaints from me. I was willing to pay the difference, though, and it would have meant two more ones for them. I even offered, but I don't think anyone heard me. It took me most of the afternoon to finish off the wings, but they were pretty good. I still think it's way too much vinegar in the sauce, though. The people in the restaurant always mention that the sauce burns their eyes, and I don't think Buffalo sauce is supposed to do that (unless you actually get some in your eyes... and just about anything will burn if it gets in your eyes). Still, convenient as usual.

I watched the rest of the sixth MST3K collection while eating and playing Paper Mario, got my laundry done while playing Paper Mario, then set the game aside to watch the Yu-Gi-Oh movie (Mom called near the beginning of it, so I taped as much as I could of the part I missed) and Zatch Bell (I called Jenny while that recorded, but she wasn't in, so I just watched the rest of the episode). I can't get the damn crappy (geezer?) One Piece theme out of my head. It's been stuck in there for a week now.

Back to work on ADC chapter 11, and this time, I think I can keep working on it until it's done. That may be a while, since there's more of the chapter to write than there was the first time around, and I haven't decided where, if any, to put the chapter break in the events of this night, mostly because I don't really know how long the big fight of the evening will go on. It could all fit into one slightly longer chapter than normal, or it could be two slightly shorter chapters. I might write quite a bit more, then decide it needs to be two chapters and publish just part of it as one chapter, as I did with, oddly enough, chapter 11 of GTP. (I'd say chapter 11 is where I always seem to put the epic, long-running action, but it's just past the halfway point of ADC and wasn't quite halfway through GTP.) I'm hoping that, aside from the usual Sunday activities, I can divide my time tomorrow between watching anime and writing this story. Wouldn't that be something?

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