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Well, we just had a power outage due to a major thunderstorm, and I came back to discover that my DVD player is dead. Completely dead. And it wasn't even on when the power went out! That, and it's on a surge protector! So I've been going through my receipts... guess which of the many receipts I have for products under warranty I can't find. But even as I wrote that sentence, I remembered where I put it. So this thing's going to the nearest Circuit City tomorrow for repair or replacement. Should be a rather painless process, I hope. Sometimes, that $30 for the service plan REALLY comes in handy.

Today's Spades: Yeah, we couldn't find enough Bridge players today, so we resorted to Spades. It was an awful mess. We could have made ten several times, but the only one we bid, we both messed up. I underled the king of hearts and got blocked, so I was stuck in my hand and had to lead out a club from the K-J-x-x, giving them two tricks in the suit where they should have only had one. Partner could have led a club around, but I should have led the king and THEN the low heart to his ace so that he could lead a low club, letting me finesse my king, unless right went up with the ace, in which case my king would take the next club trick, after which partner had a club ruff and I had the last of the high trump. Probably ten tricks for us in that. Another hand, we could have taken ten to set their four, but partner failed to trump my losing heart on the third to last trick. The other alternative was to lead a losing diamond, but... same effect there. And another hand, we took ten due to left's nil, and partner wondered why I hadn't bid higher, but if left had jettisoned the nil, we would have been set, I believe. He had an incredible hand of spades, and right had no small amount of power herself.

I got the new revision of the correlation code today, and it finally correlates! Yay! But when we give it even twenty missiles to work with, it quickly overburdens the poor processor... right up to 98% capacity, which would be more if there weren't other processes hogging all that remaining 2%. It all comes crashing down right about there, but no core dumps, meaning that none of the processes actually crash. Still, way too much CPU usage by that process, so it needs a major trim. We might try implementing the fixes that the new code required into the old code, before what we thought would be fixes but were really major CPU hogs. Oh well. Plenty to keep me busy next week, for sure.

I also finished up the restaurant scene in ADC chapter 7, which leaves only the Ukyo scene to write. But then the power went out and the computer died (the laptop should have more battery life than that!), so I didn't even start that yet. But here's the major way in which the new scene is different from the old, and this took a long time to find a follow-up for:

"Wait, Akane Tendo!" shouted Kuno. "We have yet to finish our kiss!"
"Like that's going to bring her pelting back," muttered Ryoga.
Ranma grabbed Kuno's shoulder and spun him around. "You kissed Akane? You bastard!"
"Of course! How callous of me!" With that, Kuno threw his arms around Ranma and planted a wet one right on her lips.

Is the comic timing off on that? If Kuno's going to say something about making things equal, it would have to come after his line, but their lips are pretty firmly pressed together at that point. So I left the reader to figure out what Kuno was thinking. I hope it works.

Anyway, due to the power outage, I invited someone over to watch some Brigadoon, with the result that it's really freaking late and I'm just now getting ready for bed. Got far more to do tomorrow than I want to have to, and I wanted to get that oil change that was due two weeks ago... Grrr....

So much to do, so little time... silly! That's why time machines were invented! So you could go into the future and hire robots to do all that work for you!
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