Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Another day off... I started, and my back itched and I was sweating like I'd finished the entire routine. And I even ate dinner early to make sure I was feeling up to it. Grrr...

Today's Computing: The desktop keeps having problems. I download a bit, and then the site and all the torrents fail until I reboot the computer. And then, when all of the files are at an average of about 75%, the whole damn thing just freezes completely and all the partially downloaded files are corrupted. I've got to start over. So now I'm just doing one at a time, as if that will make a difference. Screen saver's off, I tried running it without any of the background processes, upgraded to the latest version of Firefox, installed the latest Windows patch... I think it was running better without the power supply.

Today's Games: I beat the boss of the Wind Temple in Minish Cap, so I'm hiking to and fro to try to find everyone with a Kinstone. I figure this is about the time when I need to finish that part of the game. Then I spent the afternoon and part of the evening playing Onimusha 2. The item-trading stuff is interesting, although I wonder whether some items can be given to more than one person. (Not in the same game, of course.) And I'm a bit confused about the use of those flowers that erase memories. And I don't know whether that Love Potion actually worked. And I hope I haven't passed up the only opportunity in the game to buy weapons for the secondary characters... I expect they'll be sold again later, but probably at a higher price.

I watched the MST3K of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians... sort of. That was really bad. The movie, I mean. Also, I've got brownies cooling on the stove. Another one of those impulse buys, along with which I've got a new baking pan. They rearranged the store, putting the liquor right near the entrance and moving the bakery section to where the sodas used to be. They had a snack cakes section for Entenmann's and Hostess and something else that I ended up buying, but no Little Debbie, which was my favorite. Turns out that Little Debbie Snack Cakes are in the cookie aisle. That makes sense.

Steve Carrell is a 40 year old virgin. That said, I'm going to bed. So, I expect, is my desktop. It does that.

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