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Some news, and maybe a correction

I believe I mentioned an article about why gravity is "only a theory" and requires a warning stating such in physics textbooks. hillarygayle points out that it may well be tongue-in-cheek, and my own limited research has shown no link between the article and Ellery Schempp other than the attribution on the Apologetics website... I found the article posted on the cited forum, and there was no mention of Ellery Schempp in connection to it at all. It could well be a satirical piece he wrote to showcase the absurdity of the "evolution is only a theory" warnings that have been popping up in textbooks across the country, or just something a forumgoer at the Intelligent Design forum concocted for the same reason. Whatever the intent and author, it was posted on the Apologetics site among a number of other serious articles, and nothing other than its sheer bullshit content could lead anyone to conclude that it was a satire or spoof. That said, I think the perception of seriousness was imposed on it before I linked to it, and before my brother linked to it. And in either case, it did get the point across... which is an exercise I'll leave to the reader.

The world's ugliest dog, with picture. That sure looks like the animatronics in Gremlins, or maybe a sewer rat.

ICUP Incorporated pulls pot-flavored candy from the market. Yes, they're based in New Jersey. How could you tell? "Could you spell the name of your company, please? *snicker*"

The nude male statue that was removed from a British Columbia traffic circle (the infamous Baggage Handler) has been replaced by 40 stolen lawn gnomes.

Is that your cell phone ringing? No, it's one of those pesky Arizona mockingbirds that have learned to imitate cell phone rings. They do car alarms, too.

Canadian counterfeiters are caught in Halifax when someone spills beer on the notes and makes the ink run. Good job that Canadian beer is so watered-down, eh? ^_^ Good thing they weren't also robbing banks in flashy dresses.

A mother keeps right on driving when her toddler falls out of the car. She blames her work, her single status... oh, and maybe there's a TINY chance that cocaine addiction she's trying to kick might have had something remote to do with it. Fortunately, the baby wasn't attacked by a snake while the parents were asleep.

That couple who hired a stripper for their son's 16th birthday party way back when pleaded guilty. I guess the photographic evidence was just too damning to fight.

A spectator muffs two home run balls in as many innings. I could tie that story to the previous one with a clever pun, but I won't. I will, however, relate that one to the tale of the man charged with indecent exposure for baring his breasts in public. The public defender says it's technically not illegal for a woman to bare her chest, so why a man? So, where are the rallies where civil-minded women show their support for this guy?

"He must have cut himself with those scissors to frame me. Men do that kind of thing, right?" *wince* Uh, no.

Gilbert, Minnesota (Eugene, Oregon's big brother) cancels the "Whorehouse Days" festival. Can't imagine why. They weren't selling pot-flavored candy, stripping for underage boys, or counterfeiting Canadian money in dresses.

Remember those Looney Tunes cartoons where someone throws a stick of dynamite for a dog to fetch, and it blows him up? You can see the next part coming... Jack Russel terrier head a splode.

Repo company take melons along with the truck that was carrying them, then wants to return them (at the owner's cost) when they rot. The judge awarded the owner three times their original value. "Here's your late payments, and more besides!" Ah, justice layeth the smacketh down on those who lack common sense.

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