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I skipped the movie today, as I'd expected I would. Nothing playing that I wanted to see. Instead, I watched the new CCS and the third DVD of SMJ to X. Let me just say... CCS still remains thoroughly delightful, and is still the most fun series I've ever seen. I begin to wonder whether I possibly did it justice with 52 Curses, and whether I'll be able to do it justice with A Blessing and a Curse. Both stories are significantly darker than most of the series, but I like exploring that side of the characters. As for Saber Marionette... It's emotional, certainly, but not at the top of my list. Still, if I can get hold of the original series and review the critical episodes again, I should be able to restart The Ticking Saber and do myself proud on that. I need to write that ending, if nothing else.

As for the rest of the day, I played a bunch of Budoukai (I'm getting better, I think, although I still depend on the Virus for most of my easy victories...), then took part in the hour challenge... rewrote a nice chunk of the restaurant scene, which makes a bit more sense now. Those who were amused the first time should enjoy the new version, even if they remember the jokes. Let's see if I can find an excerpt for you.

The door opened, and Ranma quickly shoved Ryoga into the nearest stall and turned on the sink, pretending to wash her hands. A high-strung woman wearing a pearl necklace and a dress half-covered in thick white fur crossed the room, pausing only to sniff ever so slightly as she walked past Ranma, before stepping into the stall where Ryoga was hiding. There was a feminine shriek from within the stall, followed by a much deeper, masculine shriek that ended in a splash. Then, the woman ran out of the bathroom, screaming "A man! There's a man in the women's room! Someone call the manager immediately!"
"Great. You didn't even lock the stall door?" asked Ranma. She stepped around the partition, fished Ryoga out of the toilet, and dropped him into the sink again.
"Just give me my clothes," snarled Ryoga as he leapt to the floor again. "And remind me to kill you as soon as this date is over."
"I'm just wondering which is more embarrassing. Being caught naked in a women's bathroom, or having your curse triggered by toilet water. I hope whoever used it last flushed."

I rather like that.

Random thought for the day: Racists are entitled to their opinion, just like anyone else. You may well be a racist for trying to suppress racism. Now, do you still feel self-righteous?
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