Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Did anyone else see anything happen this weekend?

Among other things, I'd like to know how much that "The Runner" portion of The Animatrix was influenced by the first episode of Escaflowne. Think about it. Also, I think I'm actually beginning to enjoy "Angel Blue" (the opening theme of Those Who Hunt Elves) now that I've caught the line "Kiseki hitotsu gurai okoseru yo." (We can make approximately one miracle happen.) Not sure why, but that's really funny.

Grisly crash scene for you... A man was driving near Tokyo with his family when he crashed, and his three-year-old son, who was in the front seat (already stupid), got thrown from the car. So he got out to get his son, and they were both hit by oncoming cars. As for the mother, she'd been dead for at least a day already. We're going to try not to think about this one too much, lacking the expertise of someone like Monk.

Boys' baseball team ejected from its league for being too good. They're now getting offers from would-be opponents all over the country.

Hong Kong Disneyland construction proceeds at the instruction of feng shui "experts". Who knows? Maybe, in the homeland, they can all come up with a single answer. And maybe kitchens will be more efficient with "no fire zones".

Pachuca, Mexico, is the new home for the Guinness record for most simultaneous chess matches.

Hawaii becomes the 21st state to allow a pet to be a beneficiary. Pet owners can now set up trusts for the care of their pets after they die.

Grandmother shoots her boyfriend because he's found another woman. And she says she'd do it again.

Hamster dropped into a British postbox. It was properly addressed and stamped, but I don't believe live animals are permitted in the post. At least, not without additional handling fees and proper packaging, including food and water.

A prank goes wrong, and a truck key is swallowed. A locksmith manages to make a working key from the X-ray images. Now there's a professional.

Two job applicants steal a wallet and go on a credit card spending spree. So the firm calls them for a second interview and an arrest.

A middle school principal dances seductively with some of her male students, but won't be fired and may or may not be punished. It sounds like she just got caught up in a moment.

Korean baseball players will no longer be allowed to put cabbage leaves in their caps to keep cool. I should get some cabbage and try it. It couldn't do anything but make me stink, and given my usual sweat coefficient in that apartment, that probably isn't much of a problem either. (Maybe that's another reason not to use the Moa icon for this post.)

There may be some things mothers consider more precious than their babies. A Bulgarian shoplifter in Berlin abandoned her baby to evade arrest. Fortunately for the baby, she also abandoned her identification.

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