Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A random scene that popped into my head

"She's turned into a blueberry!" shouted Mr. Beauregarde as his daughter Violet swelled into a round shape, her skin taking on the color of her namesake.
"There's nothing to worry about," replied Wonka. "She just needs to be popped." He approached the girl and, with a swift flick of his wrist, slashed a line across her side with a long, metal finger. Juice dribbled out of the gash as she slowly returned to her original shape.
"Mr. Wonka! Your hands!" shouted Charlie, as he saw his host's knife-like fingers for the first time.
"Oh, yes," said Wonka, his fingers clinking like scissors as he gestured. "You see, I was actually created by a lonely scientist in an old mansion some time ago..."

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