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Today's Exercise:

Today's Bridge: For once, I was on the winning side when we really won. After falling behind by 1000 points as I wrote about a few days ago, Dan and I managed to win by over 3000 points today. It was a tour de force, helped along by some mistakes from our opponents. The biggest swing against us was when Dan decided to sluff the ace of spades, setting up the spades on the board so they made a 3H contract instead of being set. I did my best, even keeping the count of hearts so I knew I had the high one and Paul had only one left, ripe for the pulling. But they made one game, and that was all the points they earned all day. We made the games that finished the last two rubbers of the set, including some close but very fun contracts. One of my favorites was a less than common 21-point hand that I felt was worth opening 2C thanks to the distribution: S A-K-x H A-K-x D A-Q-J-10-x-x C J. Dan, of course, took me for having some clubs and jumped to 4C. I knew what he was saying, but I had to deny with 4D. He raised to game at 5C, and I left it there, trusting my hand's power to be enough. That, and it was my contract to play. Fortunately, Dan hadn't lied. He held S x-x H x-x D x-x C K-Q-10-x-x-x-x. A rather tricky hand, as I mentioned before, but not too difficult. I won the opening spade lead and ran the jack of clubs, which held the trick. Then I cashed the king of spades and ruffed the low spade, taking a very interesting entry to the board, as CP put it. Then I ran the king of clubs to draw the ace, won the heart lead, cashed the high heart and ruffed a heart, then pulled the last trump and led to my queen of diamonds. Paul won with the king, but I had nothing but trump on the board and one diamond to lead to my ace. There was a 4D hand somewhere in there where CP thought Paul misled at one point, which he certainly did, giving me a free heart finesse by leading through the A-J-x to my K-x. CP wanted a different lead, which would then have forced me to take a rufifng finesse against his king of clubs. But I had the material to do it, and it would have worked to give me the contract just the same. As for the big score gap, CP took a bid from Paul to be a bit more enthusiastic than it was meant, and ended up in 6S while I held S K-x H K-x-x-x-x D K-J-x-x C K-x or so. Maybe D K-J-x C K-x-x. But I had all four kings. I doubled without hesitation... their points just didn't add up. And sure enough, they were down two, as I got the king of spades and the K-J of diamonds. CP figured he could have held it to off one by playing differently and ruffing out a diamond instead of letting me have the jack, but then I'm pretty sure he'd have had to sluff something on the board's hearts to avoid losers there, and I'd have gotten the king of hearts. Unfortunately (for us), that was before they were vulnerable. The next hand, CP opened weak and I overcalled with a pretty strong hand. Paul responded 3C, and CP went to 3NT. Dan doubled that, so I led a club through the board's A-Q-10-x-x-x-x... that was all the points Paul had. Dan got the jack when CP ducked, and he led a diamond to CP's ace, which was about all the power HE had. Then he led another club and finessed, losing to Dan's singleton king. Had he kept count and played the ace, he'd have taken the next six club tricks, and we'd have claimed the rest for off two. Instead, Dan and I ran seven more tricks to set them five. Doubled. Ouch. Those two hands gave us a cool 1200 points, which doesn't make up for all the past sets I've lost, but it sure helped in this one.

Today's Paper Mario: Didn't get very far because I got home late and dinner took a long time to cook, and by the time I got started, something else came up and I had to shut the game off for that. So I just gathered a few recipe ingredients, some of which will hopefully make new recipes, and that's about it.

I'm working on a Firefox installation for ADCP, but Firefox on this computer has died. I downloaded an extension a few hours ago, and when I tried to post a Livejournal comment, it never loaded, and then when I tried to do something else, the browser crashed and wouldn't reload. Ah, it seems to have revived itself now. But I wonder what kept it from restarting all that time. Hmmm... I also had to work with the UPS diagnostic a bit, but it's working now. I'll test the Firefox install tomorrow morning and work out the bugs with that, and then that will take care of just about everything except the printer. Oh... I do need to add the UPS install to the install scripts and finally get around to consolidating the comments for my peer review.

Back to Stellvia-land. Whee!

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