Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: I forced myself back into the groove at rung 20. It wasn't pleasant.

Today's Bridge: They cleaned up the second rubber, but thanks to a previous set, we were only about 400 more points behind. The third rubber got off to a quick start, with them off one in a slam attempt and then making a game. I opened a weak 2S with S A-x-x-x-x-x H x-x D J C K-Q-10-x, and Dan raised me to 3S. CP doubled that, obviously for takeout. So Mike responded, coincidentally enough, 4C, and CP raised him to 5C. I sure wasn't going to double and give them the chance to switch suits. We ended up setting that two, which was probably the best we could do. We set another heart game by two, when I held about ten points, none of them in my 10-x-x-x of hearts. Dan more or less threw a 3NT that he could have made, but it was a tough one. I had S K-x-x-x H A-J-10-x-x D A-K C x-x, so when Dan opened 1D, I responded 2H. He bid 3D, and CP doubled. I could have let that ride, but Mike would have bid, and I had 3S to bid. Dan bid 3NT, and I left that. What he had was spades to the ace, the king of hearts, seven diamonds to the jack, and clubs to the ace. The correct play was to take the opening spade lead in his hand and lead a diamond to the ace, hoping for CP to follow. If he does, run the king and lead back to the king of hearts to pull the last diamond. He still has a stopper in every suit and the ace of clubs as an entry to run the rest of the diamonds, taking six diamonds, two hearts, two spades, and the ace of clubs. In the actual lay of the hand, CP sluffs on the diamond, so Dan leads back to the king of hearts immediately, plays to the high diamond, runs the ace of hearts, then leads the jack and hopes for a good split. I believe we had that, so he crosses to the board with the king of spades to run the remaining hearts and ends up with two diamonds, four hearts, two spades, and the ace of clubs. We ended up off two. But we did cobble together a game, eventually, mainly due to a 4C I somehow managed to pull off. So we're in the running to only lose by a couple thousand.

Today's Paper Mario: Duh. I don't know why I couldn't figure it out before. Then I got distracted during a fight and hit the poison mushroom jackpot before I could really catch up. There are times when I really don't want to be IMed, particularly when the person doesn't actually want to talk to me. It's simple... one of the enemies had two attacks per turn, but I could finish it in one Mario attack. But because of the distraction, I failed to notice that it was invisible as well. Proper procedure for that is obviously to put Vivian in front and use Veil to hide for a turn. The invisibility wears off, and Mario gets to attack and finish it off before it can attack again. Having missed that, I was prepared to go on and just lean heavily on Sweet Feast, but then I hit the poison mushrooms and just didn't see the point in continuing. I'd just saved, so I'll pick up again tomorrow.

The script change I made on Friday worked just fine, and I tested more diagnostics today. I'm playing with a few things, and the network was down all morning, which made any computer with a non-root login hang up until they could fix the problem. That didn't help me get things done. We're working on the audio and video diagnostics now, and I've got a few scripts to add to the install tarball for the video diags. And then we're pretty much in the home stretch. Just a few things to add and some elements of various graphical interfaces to list in the installation instructions.

I got Sister Princess DVD 6 in the mail today. It's probably about time I go back to Animenation to look up new pre-books I want, and of course, Chrono Crusade 6 is already available but not in my order list. Yet.

And I find myself once again up late without time to watch an episode of Stellvia. Sometimes, I wonder how that happens. In conclusion, Paper Mario should definitely have had some kind of pause option during battles. I don't like having no choice but to finish the battle or lose several hit points if I have to walk away for any length of time, due to the impatient audience throwing things at me.

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