Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 20.

Today's Bridge: CP came back! And Dan and I fell way behind. Most of his bids made no sense at all, and when I used my "add three points while sitting opposite someone who's bidding badly" modality, he doubled a 3NT contract and they made it. They also made a doubled game contract with two overtricks... I figured Dan wanted to make sure CP got a big score so he'd want to keep coming back. They made a slam, then missed one by a trick (could have been two, but I led out of turn and Dan chose to lead that suit instead of his ace), and we set another one of their contracts by two doubled vulnerable. We've made a 3H that could have been 4H or 3NT with an overtrick or two depending on how the opponents play it and been set many, many times. It's not a good set for us so far.

Today's Paper Mario: I beat a few easy enemies and discovered that I'll have to go to the Door before I can get the last three Star Pieces. Fair enough. Tomorrow morning, I'll beat the Pit of 100 Trials (no question there... I'll be able to clear it) and then hit the Door and move on in the game. Then I'll check out the latest manga selection at Borders and check Best Buy for a sound system. I decided to bring the car in late afternoon on Tuesday of next week for the first batch of work, so instead of arriving late and leaving early, I'll just be leaving even earlier. Oh well. I've banked plenty of comp time the past few months.

Today's Health Insurance Statement: The hospital billed them for $1657. The $750 or so from before was just the colonoscopy and biopsy... the CT scan cost a fortune. Fortunately (ha ha), the rest of my prepayment covered most of that, and I only owed 10% of what was left... so the hospital will be billing me for $28 and change. Not too bad. It means I have to pay 10% of all the rest of my medical expenses for the year, but considering how much this would have cost even with traditional health insurance... I think I'll try not to be sick again until next year. That, or be $400 worth of sick so the rest of my medical care for the year will be free. That could suck in some ways, but it would have its advantages too.

Time for Princess Tutu and bed. That's another one I couldn't find room for in the list. I haven't seen or read much, but it's fun and cute, and I don't feel as much as I did that the duck bit is a waste of story.

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