Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Funny things that happened to other people on the way to wherever they were going

Hoax wedding reegistries for Paris Hilton. I just have two things to say: "Who?" and "Did they just coin the word 'celebutante'?" Speaking of former strippers, one's just been elected a judge in Nevada.

"If it weren't for that horse in the front seat of that woman's car..." It's a miniature horse that rides in the front seat instead of a trailer. Other front seat oddities include a woman letting her 11-year-old son drive to school, where he crashed, and a baggage handler who drove the baggage loader too far and ended up pinned between the loader and the plane. The silver lining in all of that is that the kid can't get points on his license.

A man tries to steal lobsters and a fish from a Hong Kong restaurant. I hope they weren't in the toilet. And that he didn't leave his wallet at the scene of the crime. That seems to happen so often. Maybe they can escape from jail by digging through the drywall and leaving through an emergency exit.

College Poker champion wins a $41,000 scholarship.

A tree limb randomly falls on a man in bed and kills him. Maybe it's karma.

I may have mentioned this before in connection with another story, but here's an art student who makes art out of roadkill.

An ex-ranger demonstrating how 19th century pioneers built fires sets on in the classroom. Gunpowder tends to do that.

The ice cream man has a special MJ flavor. He sold marijuana from his truck, although not necessarily to children. Plenty of undercover drug officers, though.

Two cousins in a row hit holes in one. That's today's sports news.

Vancouver's business district has a shitty problem. Homeless people are turning the alleys into toilets, which creates a problem for those who need to use them as alleys.

"Did you see the car that hit you?" "Yeah... it was white and had red-and-blue flashing lights." Or so the hit-and-run victim would say if he wasn't dead. The officer who responded to the original hit-and-run ran over the victim a second time. Good thing he didn't let his son drive.

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