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Today's Exercise: It was a really late day at work, and I had a late dinner, so I gave it a pass for tonight. No, that's not good. Yes, that makes one day in the last four that I've exercised. I'm not happy, but it's the way things have happened.

Today's Bridge: We jumped back into the set where CP and I were squaring off against Dan and Paul. I got confused about whose deal it was a few times, but we got it sorted out a few hands later. Of note, we bid 4H and made 7, which was mostly because I had a weak hand and had opened weak. In another hand, I think we had a slam in the bag, but ended up in a smaller contract in another suit. We were good for 6C, I believe, but ended up in 5S (I believe I'd offered spades and clubs, and ended up bidding 5C over their 4H, and CP picked 5S. Or I bid 5S over their 5H), Paul doubled, and CP redoubled. The missing spades turned out to split 4-1, but Paul held his ace a few times and I ended up with a losing tenace over him... he had A-10 and I had J-9-6. I think the board had a spade left, so I led it,and out came the ace. I ducked, ruffed the return, pulled the last trump, and cashed the rest of the 10 clubs CP and I had between us. I don't remember what the other loser was, but I think we didn't have to take it if we had clubs as trump. I forget why. Then there was a hand where CP bid 6S even though I had a weak hand and no spades. They had two heart winners, but they led diamonds instead. Then CP managed to set up the diamonds and not the clubs, but he sluffed diamonds and tried to run the clubs even though there was one left out there, and he lost the last heart as well. -_- On my part, I failed to take an ace when I had the chance, which gave them an undoubled overtrick on a game contract. But we still won both rubbers, in addition to the one where we were already 800 points up or so. I think I even put in a 4H bid which was the first heart bid of the auction, and probably the first bid I'd made as well. And made it.

We installed and installed... worked on the hardware when one of our CAT-5 cables turned out to be bad, which ended up filling the lab with bodies when Bruce wanted to come in and play with one of the systems. No chance of that. And installed. Did I mention installed? This was our first time creating a CD from the new server and installing on the new system with it. That was what kept me so late... I had to make some changes to the modified CD-ROM image building script, and forgot to integrate the change I'd needed to make to my copy. Two changes, actually... which could spell disaster for the install we left running. Oops. But they're pretty simple changes and I've got another copy of them. And it should still work. Should.

I made the phone calls today, but one is still unresolved, two I'm waiting for calls back, and I had to make most of them several times. Here's the list:

Anime Nation: Their system was down.
The doctor: His secretary was at lunch, at 2 in the afternoon.
Anime Nation: They couldn't find my order, so I had to log in to the computer on my desk and get the order number.
Anime Nation: I got my credit card number changed and had them issue a refund of the shipping charge I was erroneously charged.
Bank: The woman in charge of my account was "not at her desk".
Doctor: His secretary said I wanted to talk to the nurse, who would call me when the results come in.
Auto Service: They have to clear things with the warranty company, then they'll call me.
Bank: The woman in charge of my account had gone home for the day, at 2:45. The bank closes at 3, and last time, she called me at 3:30 or so.

And I wanted to buy a livejournal permanent account, but I forgot until the sale was over. I hate when that happens. But maybe I'm better off keeping the money for now. If they want my cash, they can open another permanent account sale. I figure that'll happen in 2008 or so.

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