Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 19. I couldn't just keep skipping it. But I had to leave the clothes off and just put the shirt on for the situps and pushups. I just showered and I stay wet no matter how much I towel dry because of the profuse sweat replacing the shower water. I can't wait for summer to start so it can get hot.

Today's Bridge: Today, CP and I squared off against Dan and Mike. We were holding our own at first, doing our best with the cards we had (and the distributions were INCREDIBLY strange today... almost every hand featured at least one void somewhere), but we got set two tricks in a 5D Dbl well-tried for, and then CP opened 1C and Mike overcalled 1S while I held S 10-x-x-x D Q-J-10-x-x-x-x C K-5. I had 6 points and long diamonds, but my response was 1S, so I negative doubled. CP read that as stronger than it was intended and doubled Dan's 2H, and I was prepared to bid 3D, but Mike bid 3H, and I didn't think I could introduce a new suit at the 4 level. CP doubled that bid as well, and I trusted my partner and let it go. As it turns out, they had plenty for 3H, and CP threw a trump when he knew it would be overruffed to give them an overtrick, doubled vulnerable, and since they'd been doubled into game, that was the rubber. The next rubber saved us because Dan didn't bother to check the score and passed Mike's 2S when he had 19 points. They ended up making 5, but 4S and 3NT were both viable contracts. It was a mistake worth 200 points for us, and we sure needed it. In the next hand, I held H K-6-5-4-3-2 D 8 C K-Q-J-x-x-x... Mike passed, so I opened 2H and planned to bid clubs no matter what the next time around. Dan bid 3D, and CP bid 3S, so I was forced to bid 4C anyway. Dan bid 4D, and CP really wanted to bid 6H, but he played it safe with 4H. His other option was 5D, which would have told me that we had no diamond losers and he wanted a slam, so I'd have bid 5S to indicate my void, and he'd have bid 6H. What he had was S J-10-x-x-x H Q-J-9-8-7 D A-J-x. The hearts split, even though they didn't need to, and Dan led the ace of clubs to give me the free finesse, which would have worked anyway. I ruffed in, pulled the missing hearts, ruffed their ace of spades, then ran my clubs and sluffed the spades. One diamond trick later, the hand was mine for 6. Then we made a 3NT to wrap up the rubber. After that, each side bid 4 of a major and made 5, so we're perfectly tied in the third rubber of this set. One more game will decide the set.

Today's Paper Mario: I continued going down the list of troubles, now that I've discovered that each one can be resolved when it shows up on the list, if I look hard enough. Just my luck to pick the one that was REALLY hidden right off, and only find it in the course of going through the plot of freaking chapter FOUR. Then I had to go into the Pit of 100 Trials to rescue someone, who was on floor 18, and I figured the battles weren't TOO hard and I'd keep going. I made it to level 30 without too much difficulty and equipped the badge I found there, but beyond that the enemies jumped in difficulty, and I had the extreme misfortune to miss two Superguards in a row against Hyper Clefts... that's 18 HP of damage, and I've poured all of my upgrades into BP. I have 20 HP total, and I was missing a few at that time. One round and death, and of course, I'd had Zess T cook my Life Shroom, so it didn't exist to automatically heal me. Game Over, and I had to redo the whole thing. I only went to level 30 this time, though, and despite a close call (hooray for Flurrie's Gust attack), I survived the trip and escaped to claim my reward. Now, time to go play the new game at the Parlor.

And then I watched half an episode of D.N.Angel while exercising, which I plan to finish before falling asleep. I love the theme song, which is one of those unusual ones with a male singer that I love. Really pretty.

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