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Today's Exercise: Rung 19. Maybe it's getting a bit easier, but I'm definitely going to stick with it another week.

Today's Bridge: CP and I declared one hand the entire time... a 1D-2S-4S auction where I made 5 and would have made 6 had Kelly held the queen of diamonds. -_- It was pretty cool, though. I had S A-K-x-x-x H 10-x-x D A-x C A-x-x and CP had S Q-x-x-x H A-x-x D K-x-x-x C K-x. It was a laydown after I pulled trump, but Dan insisted on playing it out. Sigh. Every other contract, they bid and we set. We even doubled a 3NT contract they definitely had no right to bid, and I think they were lucky to get off with only a two-trick set. As CP figured it, WE could have made 3NT on that hand. But I had a mere 4 points in the K-J-x-x-x of diamonds, plus four hearts to the 10, so I had to pass, Dan opened 2S, CP takeout doubled (he actually had 16 points and K-Q-x of spades, and 10-x of diamonds, so he would raise my 3D response to 3NT), Kelly bid 3H, I negative doubled (diamonds were my suit, but I could just as easily bid hearts), Dan bid the 3NT, and CP penalty doubled. Three of the four types of doubles in one auction! And Kelly's singleton ace of spades didn't turn out to be very useful. Unfortunately, CP led clubs instead of diamonds, so by the time he finally led a diamond around to Dan's ace, the spades were set up. But had I bid 4D, the contract would have been ours and we'd have been set no matter where we ended up... and I don't think I could have stopped at 4NT. We also set the first contract by four when Dan bid clubs three times and actually had the suit to back it up, but I had K-J-x-x and Kelly just had one. She only had one diamond to his A-K-Q-x-x-x-x in the next hand as well, but they won the bid cheap somehow and only got set one. Not a bad sacrifice, said Dan, and I can't really argue there.

So my modifications for the big problem aren't finished yet, because Jeff needed the systems all morning for a test that revealed a crash that simply made no sense. A parameter entered a function as 16 but was 0 when it was used. He hasn't been able to duplicate it, and those systems have been having hardware problems recently, so I'm not really worried. Also, he was doing something that should never be done on the remote system. But if we crash, that's bad. Then the NFS daemon shut itself down near the end of the day, killing my login session (completely... the system wouldn't even reboot) and cutting off my access to the ctagged copy of my code tree, which I use to hunt down the changes I need to make and research them carefully before making them. Without that, I just didn't feel comfortable working on the program, given how delicate some of that crap is. But I did find a way to accomplish that inter-process stuff I needed to do, once I'd figured out the difference between qsend and qpend. (Hint: one should only be called if you're expecting input, and the other will actually get your message to its destination.)

Anime Nation shipped D.N.Angel DVD 5 today, so the old check card must be working properly. Also, Penn & Teller's Bullshit season 2 has arrived, so I'll pick that up during my shopping run tomorrow, and the auto shop told me that the warranty won't cover a new CD player. They'll have to remove it (one day in the shop), send it to Suzuki to have it repaired, get it back, and spend another part-day to reinstall it. Joy. And since they called my home number to tell me that, I can't call them back until Monday. But there were some surprising new releases in the Anime Castle listing for this week, including Tuxedo Gin 12, Maison Ikkoku 11, Cromartie High School 2, Seven of Seven DVD 6, and the second CLAMP no Kiseki. And those are only a few titles off the top of my head that I cared about... plenty more where those came from. Now, when will those Shoujo Beat releases I mentioned yesterday hit the shelves? And that's my shelves as much as store shelves. ^_^

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