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I'm back! Did you miss me? Oh. I'll just quietly slink off, then...

I left early Saturday morning to pick up Mom and Brian from the airport and drive them to Terre Haute for the graduation ceremony. My gas didn't stretch quite as far as I'd hoped, so I stopped at the Pilot on my way into town and discovered that the fraud-marked check card had been canceled. They said they weren't going to do that until I got my new card. Bastards. Then again, maybe someone tried to use the card elsewhere in a blatant act of fraud, but there are still no fraud sightings in my online account. I used the credit card to finish the trip, but I think I'll have to call Animenation today to see if they're open, because they won't be able to charge my card until I get a new one. Then again, the credit card issuer should be open today... I was thinking they might not because it's a holiday, but they had the nerve to cancel my card without warning, so I'm going to rip them a new one. Politely.

Anyway, the ceremony was a graduation ceremony. Moved along swiftly as always, but the kids were lucky this year because there were only three honorary degrees given out, in the field of "Humane Letters". Not even engineering degrees this time. *shrug* After the ceremony, I got to talk to a few people, including Dr. Graves (whose first name is not Peter), the kiyoshi_05 formerly known as jojo2792, a guy named Guy, Scribby (my day wouldn't have been complete without the chance to make fun of him), and sheidowdragon and opendash, who had to ask me why Jade had my last name tacked onto the end of hers. I spotted a few other people I wanted to talk to, like Dr. RPG and Eleanor from the Shadowrun group, but I couldn't get close enough. Then we spent some time shuttling back and forth between the hotel and the House, and fit the mall in there so I could buy some manga. The selection was smaller than the Anime Castle weekly mailing had led me to believe, but they had GALS 2, Beet the Vandel Buster 5, and Eyeshield 21 2. Mom mentioned Doubt, and I said it sounded like a sort of prequel to Kare Kano, which was a good enough recommendation for me, so I picked up two books of that and one of In Dream World, which was another one that had sounded interesting before. And then, to keep up with my policy of buying just about everything that Del Rey puts out, I bought the first book of Genshiken. I didn't get their other new one, though. After that was done and we'd had a chance to relax a bit, we went to Sullivan to join Jade's family and friends for a barbecue, stayed long enough to have some cake, and then Mom and Brian wanted to leave to get some sleep, so I drove them back and went to the House. There, sakanagai and I watched Team America: World Police (FUCK YEAH!), which turned out to be a pretty good movie, and he showed me an alternate strategy for DDR that mainly involved sitting down. I woke up the next morning and it took me about a minute to figure out where I was, which is a pretty good sign. We watched the first two episodes of Gunslinger Girl, which seems to have captured what I loved about the manga pretty well, and picked up Mom and Brian for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which seems to have captured what I loved about breakfast pretty well. Great stuff all around there, and certainly a new option for the narrow window I have to visit family in TH in the future. From there, we went back to the hotel to watch some Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ("Got B.O.? Get Deo!") and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi ("Kaz, could we trouble you to pull us out of this quicksand?" "I'll pencil you in for next month."). They're not bad shows when I watch them, but I've never made them part of my regular viewing schedule. Then we left extra early for the airport, because the check-in troubles continued at check-out. Somehow, Mom's prepaid reservation for a smoking two-bed room for one night at $43 turned into a non-smoking king bed room for two nights, unpaid at $81 a night. That took quite a while to sort out, and we're still only mostly sure it WAS sorted out. Mom will watch her credit card statement for that one. Then it was smooth sailing to the airport (even on race weekend... that was pleasantly surprising), a stop at the Taco Bell in Martinsville on the way home for a pair of Club Chalupas and a free medium drink when the cashier forgot to offer me one (^_^), and the chance to catch up on Saturday's taped cartoons while starting a new game of Metroid Prime 2. I figure I'll go through the whole game again from the beginning to get myself accustomed to the controls again before restoring my game at the end of Hard mode.

This morning, the Mahoujin Guru Guru download has finally finished, so I'll be examining my CDs to see which ones I need to reburn, and then I can restore the important files to my desktop, such as my wallpaper and my various random DVD clips. I may go through this stack of CDs faster than I thought...
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