Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 17.

Today's Irony: I decided not to take the empty medicine bottle to Kroger because I wasn't sure whether they could refill my prescription, but I was pretty sure the hospital could. It turns out that the hospital can't refill prescriptions, but Kroger could, and by the time I figured all of that out, Kroger's pharmacy was closed. But I checked their hours, and they'll be open late enough tomorrow that I can stay at work until my usual time and still have time to get it refilled. Also, Jiffy Lube was closed, so no oil change either. But I tried to do all of the stuff I needed to. It was the fault of the various businesses that they weren't open when I needed them to be.

More CD burning today, including finally getting the rest of the Live Action Sailor Moon footage onto VCDs. Of course, that's taking forever, and while I left the VCR recording Attack of the Clones, that left the PS2 as the only usable DVD player in the apartment. So I left Ranma sitting in the other player and popped in the next disc of Invader Zim. That's playing now. ^_^ And just to make sure I never have to go through this CD re-burning again, I bought laundry markers today. They're easier to write with than I remember them being, so I can label my CDs safely and easily.

I wrote more Great Cromanga High School today, but that can safely be ignored. I also tried to use my new spatula to make eggs, but the yolks broke and i had to scramble them instead. I'll get my chance eventually.

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