Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 17. Not much longer before I move up.

Today's FF10: I captured some fiends, lost some Arena battles, and kicked Guado ass in Blitzball. What's weird is that I have a shooter on my team playing defense, because she's a better defenseman than the guy who used to occupy that position, even without any defensive techs. Fortunately, Tidus and Letty learned Key Techs over the course of those matches, so I'm in good shape.

Today's R&C 3: Bought a few more Mega weapons and beat a level. Nothing really exciting, since I'm mostly just earning lots of money now.

Today's Manga: I headed over to Borders with two coupons worth $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, and found just enough to make two such purchases. They had the fourth Slayers novel, as well as Excel Saga 12, Faeries' Landing 9, Ai Yori Aoshi 9, Fruits Basket 9, Getbackers 9 (I bought to the nines today!), Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts 4, Land of the Blindfolded 3, Mahoromatic 6, Here is Greenwood 4, The Tarot Cafe 2, and Trigun Maximum 5. Then I went to Sam Goody and used the $5 that I still had from the Red Dwarf 2 special order to order Bullshit season 2. Then I went to Target and bought a spatula. It's not exactly Spatula City, but they had one that looked like it might work. Hopefully won't melt as easily as the cake spatula I was using before. The poor thing never had a chance.

Melody Honey appeared in Sgt. Frog book 8. She's now appeared in all three of the Mine Yoshizaki series I've seen. And she still has yet to play a very significant role. I wonder if there's a "Melody Honey" series out there anywhere.

Oil change, food shopping, and possibly lunch from Taco Bell tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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