Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 15. No problems. I think this is my last week of it. For real this time. No, stop laughing! I mean it!

Today's Bridge: CP and I won two rubbers pretty handily, then ended the third by making a difficult 2NT that Dan had doubled. I got to play some tough hands as well, but CP was the declarer in a club slam that we had no right making... capitalizing on a mistake by Raymond, who stepped in for Kelly in the second half. Dan had opened 1D, and CP overcalled 2C. I had something like S x-x H K-x-x-x D Q-x-x-x C Q-x-x... some arrangement of about seven points with that distribution. Raymond bid 2H, so I negative doubled. (I actually did that twice today, and I'm pretty sure CP read it correctly both times.) I suppose 3C was possible, but I wanted to prefer the four-card major over the minor fit and keep the bidding low. Dan passed, and CP bid 3H, which I had to take for support. But I had three clubs, and that was a better fit, so I bid 4C. Dan bid 4D, and CP really surprised me by bidding 4NT. I know I had no aces, so I bid 5C, and I expected him to pass. Instead, he bid the 6C, and we were plagued by a bad heart split that he could probably have expected from the bidding. When it came down to the last three tricks, he ran his last trump, and Raymond discarded a heart, giving us the last two tricks as there was only one heart for CP to pull before cashing the last one. The early going was more in our favor than it needed to be as well, as Kelly barely made a 2H contract when we're pretty sure she had game had she bothered to pull the trump, then missed a 1NT contract that she probably could have made, but I had A-Q-10-x-x of diamonds, Dan had J-9-x-x, and by the time she started playing the diamonds, she was left with K-x. She covered her jack of clubs with Dan's king, which lost to CP's ace, and she thought that was a finesse. I shake my head sadly and remember that she's really trying... I should recommend the daily Bridge column in the newspaper, because that's got some great examples of some of the more difficult plays.

Feels like the A/C is fixed at work. And I'm halfway through the second episode of Sister Princess (I rewatched the first episode, since I watched it many months ago at Sugoicon), and might even get through the third episode by the end of the night.

I'd like to say a quick word for all those people who are suffering in silence because they can't discuss their problems with even their closest friends... you're not suffering alone. It's hard just to watch a friend in need and know that you can't do anything for them, and that you don't know just how they're suffering. But your friends will always be there, even if they can't do anything... because being there is something, even if it doesn't feel like it. I think this may apply to a couple of people who read this... and I really hope it helps them.

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