Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 15, with a brief phone interruption. Not a bad thing, possibly, as the abdominal pain continues and it's now spread to the opposite shoulder blade. That's actually somewhat of a relief. I was worried that one of my organs was going. That could still be, but I suspect a muscular condition of some kind, or possibly the predictable nerve damage somewhere. Most likely something treatable with antibiotics. I'm thinking about skipping work tomorrow to head to the clinic early and get examined. I meant to go today, but I got home really late. I'm ahead of things enough at work that I can afford to miss a day, and I've got more than just the clinic run to do at home. Performance evaluations are next week (for me), and I've got stuff to prepare for them. I could also run over to Bank One when I know they'll be open and make my final car payment. And the maintenance guy will be showing up to replace my bedroom blind, most likely. He can do that without me here, though.

Today's Bridge: Dan jump-shifted to 2NT with 14 points. Granted, that was about the worst hand we had, but it sure didn't help. We had nothing. Probably nothing at all worth talking about, honestly.

Today's Lifeline: It's a good thing I erased my progress from last night... I found no less than THREE Heal Capsules in the areas I hadn't explored. Granted, Rio wasted one of them in combat later, but I'm not too worried. They seem to be everywhere, and I'm hoping that combat will be a bit easier as I gain more commands. Auto-Fire wasn't particularly useful, and I haven't found a use for Strafe yet either, but I need to experiment more. Also, I HATE JONATHAN TURNER! Those who have played through the part of the game I'm in know what I'm talking about, and those who plan to play will understand when they see it. I put in some time in FF10 as well... like I care about that anymore. I have to cross the desert for about forever, and then do it again to make sure I haven't missed anything, and I have no healing magic. Granted, it's not THAT important with the abundance of Al Bhed Potions, but I like having Cure spells. They're where most of my magic in almost every RPG in existence goes.

Work-wise, I can't tell whether the problem has really gone away or whether it's just harder to reproduce. I don't have a pair of drives to use anymore, now that we're moving on to testing a new version of software that was built on the new build server. Meanwhile, about all I've got at the moment is working on our test tools. I will make them useful.

RIO: Donuts... chocolate covered. Ugh, they look fattening. I don't think I want any.
OPERATOR: But you need more cargo space in your butt! It's where you shove your entire inventory! And I don't want to think about where you keep that assault rifle... ASSault rifle?

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