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News. Just news.

Speed traps and roving police cars are tough enough, but imagine if your own car could turn you in for speeding! Acme Rent-A-Car was doing that until Connecticut made them stop. Their policy was to charge $150 for wear-and-tear on the car to anyone who went above the car's designed top speed, but they didn't tell the customers about it or warn them when they automtically charged their credit cards. Bad. Very bad.

A search for a deliveryman who vanished while making a delivery turned up nothing, but he was stuck in an elevator in that very building for four days. This is the danger of illiteracy, which I assume was the problem. The article says that he spoke little English, but attributed the fact that nobody could understand him to having been in the elevator for too long. (The couple who heard him said he sounded drunk. I doubt many English speakers could tell the difference between drunk and Chinese.) If nobody in the complex tried to use that elevator for four days or noticed that it wasn't moving, there must have been an OUT OF ORDER sign posted somewhere. Same thing with the original search of the building... it's easy to assume that nobody's in the elevator if you know it's not running.

I've made my stance on body piercing known before and no doubt offended a few people, but here's one that's actually almost practical. A nose piercing that holds frameless eyeglasses in place. No more earpieces... hey, that would be great! But I'm still not interested in poking more holes in myself than I have to.

Remember that Boise nightclub that got around the city's nudity ordinance by giving the patrons pencils and paper for "sketch night" and calling it art? Well, it didn't work. The law is apparently clear that the art exemption doesn't apply to adult businesses, and the dancers are pretty clearly not posing. I didn't think it would fly for long. And while we're revisiting old stories, here's the end of the one yesterday about Miss Wheelchair Wisconsin being stripped of her title. The first runner-up refused to accept the title, and the coordinator of the Minnesota program also resigned her position over the decision. The title went to the second runner-up, who declined to comment. It's all beginning to sound so familiar....

It's a load of bologna. A whole truckload of it, at that, and on fire too. My sympathies to the driver... I know all too well how easy it is to lose control on unfamiliar roads. Those curves sneak up on you. At least I don't think the driver meant to crash, which is more than I can say for a woman who was so desperate to get into jail to escape someone who was following her that she didn't let anything stand in her way, including the closed doors. And from the police "We can do advanced math!" department, the damage to the doors (worth $50,000 each) was estimated at $100,000. Oooooooooooooh.

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