Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

News from the weekend

Pretty sure these stories are all true and not pranks, but at this time of year, it's hard to tell.

Yep, it's the old violence in rap music bit as police listen to rap music for clues to possible future gang shootings. I do not envy them that job... apparently, they not only have to listen to that garbage, but they have to listen to it until they can understand the lyrics, and then figure out what they mean and who's going to take offense at it next. This is why they shouldn't have canceled John Doe.

From the "I told you I didn't do it (until you put a gun to my head)" department: A Chinese man in prison for killing his wife is released when the woman he's convicted of murdering turns up alive and married to another man. Bit of an oops there.

BBC requests an interview with Bob Marley, not realizing that he's been dead for decades. Oops.

A woman is shot in her sleep by a bullet from heaven. Probably leftovers from one of those 21-gun salutes where they fire up into the air... the bullets have to come down somewhere.

A draft carries a parachutist into a 24th story window. Lots of glass breaks.

A burglar comes calling and cleans up the apartment. He takes the TV and other valuables as payment for his service.

I've had my hood pop open while I was driving, but the safety latch caught it and held it until I could pull over and fix the problem. These two guys kept driving and eventually got arrested for that as well as other outstanding warrants.

George Morton plans to complain about a tape of strippers being played on public access TV even though he doesn't get HBO. HBO probably has grounds to sue for the implication that they show too much nudity. "Just because it's called 'Sex in the City' doesn't mean it features sex," is something they might say in their defense. Speaking of strippers, an Indianapolis man under house arrest found a way to entertain himself. He posed as a radio DJ and convinced men to come to his house and strip. I'm going to file that one under Y as in "why the hell would anyone do that?" and move on.

You might call it a standing violation... Miss Wheelchair Wisconsin is stripped of her title for posing for a newspaper picture on her feet.

An Indiana couple with quadruplets distinguish between the boys by painting a toenail of each. They can't grow out of that one soon enough.

From the "what's the number for 9-1-1?" department: A four year old boy saves a home from burning down by alerting the mailman.

IRS audits are nothing compared to the latest tax collection method in India... they hire drummers to drum outside their homes or stores until they pay up.

A fortune cookie leads to real fortune as over 100 people play the Powerball numbers from a fortune cookie and win. The state's gotta be broke now.

Not even the city of Fucking has a problem with its own name, but Snohomish, WA, has problems with people wearing "Snoho" apparel, or more often, the plural "Snohos".

Confirmed photographs of a planet outside the Solar System. Colonization, here we come!

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