Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 15. Another tough one, but that's because I haven't been keeping up with it.

Today's Entertainment: Mostly Jak 3 in the morning and the original Jak and Daxter in the evening... yes, I still enjoy the classic even though I could beat it in a day with sufficient motivation. I also watched the last episode on the Utena DVD, which sort of explained things in that Utena "Here's the explanation, even though it still doesn't make sense" fashion, and the first three episodes of Wonderfalls, which are the ones I saw on Fox. I think they showed the fourth episode, but I missed it due to a schedule shift. So from now on, it's all new material to me.

Today's Errands: Got my oil changed and bought food for the week, as well as paper towels so I can finally try to clean out the stinky cabinet tomorrow. While I was at Kroger, I decided to pick up a couple of cheap DVDs: The Incredibles and The Princess Bride. I realized that I didn't have that ubiquitous classic and it was only ten bucks, so I figured I might as well. Could give me something to do tomorrow... my eyes were burning most of the day, so I think I'll rest tomorrow and do as little as possible, other than eating, making egg salad, and washing out that cabinet.

Also, I'm rather sad that the production rate for the English Excel Saga manga will be dropping (we've almost caught up to the ongoing Japanese release), but Fairies' Landing is insanely cute and funny, and I've seen Wedding Peach DX on ADV's "Coming Soon" list, so that's something to be happy about. Also, Princess Tutu is one of their featured titles, so even though the second DVD isn't on their front page, I expect it's one of the series they'll be continuing. They've said they plan to concentrate on series for which they have both the manga and the anime licenses, and they have both for Tutu. Same with Happy Lesson... so where's that second book, again? And the other anime seasons?

I should eat that giant Hershey's Kiss I got for Christmas sometime. Someone brought a couple into work yesterday and chopped them into pieces, and it was delicious.

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