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More rain today... pretty persistent while I was driving, and then it stopped, only to start again for the drive home. Sigh. Wasn't a bad day of work, although it was rather boring. Going through the military standard is probably about the least interesting thing possible, although I'm sure they could come up with something less interesting if they tried.

Today's Spades: A very interesting match. The project lead wasn't in today, so we had other opponents, and we had power in most of the hands. We made three nils, where the opponents naturally pushed a lot of tricks into me, and the one hand where I bid accordingly, I was set... but we still made that nil. We also had an early ten opposite a 3-nil, where I made a small mistake that would have set the 3 instead of just making our ten. Or maybe I'm remembering wrong. I believe they'd already taken three tricks when my right led a club, and I had the two high spades, one low one, and two low diamonds remaining. I trumped low instead of sluffing a diamond, then led the diamonds. As it turned out, there were no diamonds left, so I had the rest of the tricks. But I knew partner's hearts were good, so if I'd let the clubs run to his ace, he would have run those. It worked out exactly the same either way. Then in the final hand, we bid 6, and our opponents locked it up at 7. Then they set up a crossruff, as my left turned out to be void in clubs while right was void in hearts. When they had five tricks and we had none, it was left's lead, and he naturally led a heart. Partner ruffed low, and right overruffed, while I had to throw my last heart. If partner had ruffed high with the queen, he would have won the trick - I had the king of spades, and left had the ace. From there, the rest of the tricks (minus the ace of spades) were ours, giving us the contract. Partner draws the last round of trump, snagging the jack from right, my king, and left's ace. Left returns, and either partner ruffs the heart or wins the diamond with the king. Then partner and I have all the trump and the club ace in my hand for the claim. We would have broken 800 with that, but instead we ended with 707 to 43x... we didn't finish the final hand to see how many overtricks they would have taken, but it wouldn't have been enough to roll them.

Picked up Fulllmetal Panic DVD 3 today, and preordered 4 and 5 as well as SMJ to X 4. Once I have that, the Suncoast in Terre Haute has volumes 5 and 6 in stock. I've spent more than enough already, and there are still more DVDs coming that I've already prebooked... Chobits 4 next week, and Noir 6 after that. It'll give me something to do, since I'm not going to be going to Terre Haute to shop for quite a while. I bet I'll spend a few weeks just watching all this new anime. But you know what? As the guy at Sam Goody said tonight, "it's not drugs." Amen, brother. I fell on my way back and scraped my knee a bit... but it was still worth it. I'm just a complete klutz.

I wrote a bit more tonight, and maybe I'll get the rest of this paragraph before bed. Hard to say, since the new Shonen Jump arrived late today and I've been reading it. Seems like the mail doesn't come until after I get home, which is LATE. But the adventures of the Kaiba brothers have kept me entertained so far. Let me go finish this paragraph and post it for you. I think you'll like this.

Suddenly, Cell's tail exploded in a blinding flash of light, showering the entire courtyard with purple goo. Cell spun around to face the source of the attack, but the only thing behind him was Sailor Venus, sprawled on the ground and coughing. "You... how did you do that?" he demanded. "Did you destroy my tail from the inside?"
Sailor Mars smiled as Cell turned his back to her, giving her an excellent target - the stump of his missing tail. She took aim and let fly the attack she'd been building up, sending a powerful jet of flame shooting at the exposed target. A spout of water from the stump formed a shield just a moment before the flames could hit home, but Mars poured even more energy into the attack, adrenaline surging through her system as sheer determination overcame her fatigue. Gallons of water turned to steam in the wake of Mars' fire, forming a cloud that covered Cell from head to toe, but Mars kept fighting. This attack was her only chance, and just a little more power would spell the end of Cell's murderous rampage....
A barely perceptible shadow moved slightly in the depths of the steam cloud. Before Mars could react, Cell's new tail shot out of the steam and tore right through her stomach as it regrew. The entire needle protruded from her back in a spray of blood, while the round tip penetrated halfway through her body before finally reaching its limit and lodging in her gut. A quick gasp escaped her lips, along with a few ounces of blood. Then, Cell withdrew his tail in a swift motion, opening the funnel and covering her head with it before her nearly lifeless body could fall to the ground.

Hmmm... something seems a bit off there. It's a bit better than the original version, but I want even more shock value and a little less... stupid. I made a quick change just now, to eliminate a repetition that didn't help it much, but it still needs something more. Maybe I need to add a clause to that second to last sentence? Help me out here, readers! Any comments are appreciated!

Aku, the demon of Samurai Jack fame. What does his name mean again? Oh, that's right... "to open."
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