June 8th, 2015

Moa: The King of Destruction

Eat the Livejournal entry

Today's Bridge: We only had four people, so Jerry and I took on Ken and Paul. I think the results were disappointing - we got to the right place in the first hand even though I opened 1C with S x-x H J-x D A-K C A-x-x-x-x-x-x or so and Jerry jumped all the way to 3H. I took that to mean he had seven of them, but I bid 4C anyway and he bid 4S. A reverse on top of the double jump - I was tempted to bid 6C, but I left it at 5. He actually had four spades, five hearts, and a fairly strong hand, and I guess he forgot that 2H was a jump. I'm pretty sure I made that one exactly. I similarly bid and rebid diamonds on a hand that wasn't quite strong enough for it, based on Jerry passing and more or less indicating a likely fit, and he ended up raising me to a 5D sacrifice that may not have been guaranteed for off one - I stupidly pulled all of Jerry's trump even though he had the shorter spades, but Ken took the top two and switched to a different suit, letting me toss my last spade on a heart. The real disappointment was S A-K-Q H A-x-x D 10-9-x-x C J-x-x. If we played a weak notrump, that would be perfect, but I had to open 1D. Jerry responded 1H, and I wanted to indicate a continued interest without bidding any suit, so I jumped to 2NT. Jerry corrected to 3D, and I figured that was going to be a stretch, so I passed. With his S 4 H K-Q-10-9-x D A-K-J-x-x C Q-x, I rather think he owed me a jump. We lose two clubs on a club lead, but since Ken had both of the honors, Paul picked a heart and I sluffed Jerry's clubs on my spades. When the queen of trump dropped, I claimed. We defended a 5H successfully thanks to Jerry having the A-K of clubs to cover my doubleton. Ken also only had two, so rather than leading one back, Jerry cashed the singleton ace of diamonds, fortunately also finding Ken with a singleton. There was no way for Ken to get rid of his diamond, though. Unfortunately, they managed to make enough contracts at the end to win the rubber.

I made a Miiverse post in Splatoon that got some attention on Twitter, so that was pretty funny. I'm considering playing some Hyrule Warriors while I watch videos, but I need to finish reading my E-mail and webcomics first, so we'll see whether I have enough time to do both.