November 4th, 2013

Moa: The King of Destruction

Maybe I just hate how hard it is to come up with subject lines.

I think I forgot to update last night... seems a bit less important when I get the sense that I'm just tossing words into the void. I'm no longer talking about things I'm likely to care about years down the road, if I ever get the urge to read through these entries again, and I've long since stopped reading my friends list regularly, since most of the people whose entries I wanted to read stopped writing them. It's mostly just for myself to sort out my thoughts at the end of each day, and I don't often need that release anymore. I recorded and posted a video and played a lot of Wind Waker HD, and that was my Sunday. I'm just waiting until it makes sense to head out for breakfast and therapy, and then work, and whatever will happen when I get home. Another week begins.
Moa: The King of Destruction

I've interacted with people before. It really is fun.

Therapy went well this morning - I've got an assignment to pay attention to social opportunities around me this week - not necessarily to take any of them up, but just to see that they exist. I don't deny that they do, but I just either choose not to do them or forget when the time comes. It's entirely possible that it's time I stop being content with a humdrum existence and start looking for joy in life. That may mean interactions with actual people in real life. Spooky.