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December 27th, 2012

Today pretty much revolved around the new 3D display. I set it up early, then tried to configure my universal remote to control it. The problem with that is that the model number seems to have been recycled from some sort of projector, so the remote doesn't know what to make of it, exactly. Some of the features work, like the menu navigation and switching sources, but not selecting specific sources or turning the power on or off. Fortunately, there are buttons at the back to handle most of that pretty easily. It's also considerably smaller than the TV it replaced, but the resolution is much higher, which makes for almost everything on the computer screen appearing tiny. I could fix that in a number of ways, but my best bet is probably just to get used to it - having a normal resolution instead of the funky numbers that worked for the TV makes several things that were previously broken work properly. The screen looks a bit darker when I'm not sitting directly in front of it, and the speakers sound strange to me, but that could be a configuration issue in either the display's settings or the computer's audio settings. I may play with those a bit later. As for the 3D... I popped in the Ratchet & Clank collection and had a go with the 3D turned up, and it works pretty well. I'll have to try some games I'm good at, like Jak & Daxter or the Prince of Persia games.

The other problem with the universal remote is that the Windows 7 version of the software doesn't seem to work properly. I could set up the devices and upload them to the server, but the software errored out when trying to update the remote itself, and Harmony only offers community support unless you pay. I dug out my old XP laptop and set it up downstairs, and when it had finally finished booting (I forgot how long it used to take), I downloaded the configuration from the server and it updated the remote with no problems.

I also posted the Eryi's Action failure video, if watching me suck at video games interests you.

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