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November 30th, 2012

Friendship is Delayed by about a week

The week ended as it began, and as it... middled. Just as the part of the project that's been holding us up from having a release is finally looking like it might wrap up, we got three more tickets from a test that's been running this week, and they're all pretty important. We haven't done a build since mid-October because there's always stuff left to do, and it would be a waste of time to install something new just when another build is coming out as soon as the last problems are fixed. These new ones are mostly doozies, though, and I suspect that at least one arose from another fix we did some time ago. I took a look at one, but couldn't find a flaw in the logic. I suspect it may be something that the client is doing, but it will be difficult to prove it without actually using the system. Everything that happened after I got home seems boring by comparison.

It occurs to me, as it has several other times this week, that I never did watch last week's Friendship is Magic. Assuming there even was a new episode, I might as well just catch the rerun tomorrow morning before the new episode. Assuming there is a new episode.

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