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November 7th, 2012

The punchlines are in there somewhere

Today's Bridge: We had eight people, so we formed two tables. Mike and I took on New Dan and Keith, and it was a shutout, but there was definitely a hand Keith could have made - I think it was even a 4S. I had K-8 of clubs, and he had A-9 on the board, so had he led his last club through me (with Mike having shown out earlier), he could have picked up both clubs. Instead, he crossed to the ace of diamonds and gave me the king by leading from the board. It was admittedly a hand skewed against him a bit, but the trump split well and he had the power to play it notrump style. Not quite so a hand where Dan opened 2D and Mike overcalled 3C. I had S x-x-x H A-Q-x-x D Q-x C K-Q-x-x, so I was interested in exploring a bit and bid 3H. Mike passed that, where I was hoping for at least a 3NT that I could correct to 4C. (We had a partscore from earlier.) He had S A-2 H J-x-x D K-x-x C A-J-x-x-x. The opening ten of clubs lead was an obvious singleton, but all I could do was take it, lead the queen of diamonds, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, Keith had the ace, but fortunately, he didn't clue in on Dan's lead and led a low spade. Dan's 6 took the trick. I didn't mind that as much because he couldn't lead for a ruff. Instead, he led a diamond, so I took it and ran the jack of hearts to Dan's king. This time, he led a spade, so I took the ace and led a second heart to my ace so I could ruff the spade before the board ran out of trump. Keith overruffed and led a diamond, which I ruffed low and Dan fortunately had to follow with the jack. With only one heart outstanding, I could cash the queen of hearts and claim the clubs to make three exactly. Dang! Clubs seems more attractive, but I don't think the hearts would have worked very well as a side suit. They DO split, but I don't have many hand entries to get back to the last one.

Today's Training: As banal and boring as expected, but I can sort of see why they wanted to conduct it live rather than just giving us the slides. I still don't think I got much out of the training, though. And then some of the added lines from Dirk Gently cracked me up. The Electric Monk is absolutely wonderful. "Do you truly believe that owning an expensive car that you've seen speeding through a deserted city can get you to your destination faster? Because I do. Can you believe that an Austrian-born governor of California can destroy an army of killer robots? Because I can." I know that wasn't a reference when Douglas Adams wrote the novel. And of course, when the monk claims he doesn't know what money is and the bum asking him for change says "I don't believe this!" he replies "I'll believe it for you!" And of course, when Dirk sees Richard's array of Mac computers: "This is what Androids dream of." I suppose that line could have been in the novel, but it would have meant something completely different. The recent audiobook reading inspired a line that Al Lowe found retweetable - as a caption for a billboard advertising a business called "Gay Dolphin Bar & Grill" or something like that, I said "So long, and thanks for all the gay sex!"

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