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October 25th, 2012

And I thought yesterday was frustrating

I went to base today for training, and it was canceled. I did do the other training I couldn't get done earlier, which was kind of pathetic in its eagerness to be fun and amusing. It was, a little bit, I guess. Still, there was one bit of anti-frustration:

Today's Bridge: There were no mediocre hands on my side of the table. I got quite a few great hands, including at least two voids (not in the same hand), and a couple of really bad hands. The best of those was something like S 2 H Q-J-x D Q-J-x-x-x-x C x-x-x. The opponents declared 4S and made it with an overtrick only because they didn't need two. For our part, I may have undervalued my S A-J-x-x D Q-x-x-x-x-x C Q-x-x by jumping to 4S when Paul opened 1S, but it was a tough call. Less tough was S x-x-x H A-K-Q-x-x-x C A-K-x-x or so. Ken opened 1D, I decided to bid 1H instead of doubling, New Dan bid 1S, Paul bid 2H, Ken bid 2S, and I jumped to 4C, indicating the second suit and incredible strength that was worth exploring with. Paul corrected to 4H, Ken bid 4S, and I raised confidently to 5H. I think Ken even doubled that, but I wasn't going to redouble. Both sides were vulnerable. Shame... Paul had S x-x H J-x-x D Q-J-x-x-x C Q-x-x, and when Ken had won the opening spade lead, he decided to be fancy and lead the king of diamonds, marking him for the ace. I ruffed low, then decided to run the other spade, since the bidding almost guaranteed each opponent had at least three spades. Dan won that and led a club, so I won in hand (keeping the board entry), crossed to the jack of hearts and back, ruffed my spade with the last heart, then took the ruffing finesse in diamonds. Ken held the ace, and I sluffed my losing club. It's a much safer play than trying for the 3-3 split, although I might go that way if Ken doesn't tip his hand. I had S K-Q-x H A-K-Q D A-x C Q-x-x-x-x in the final hand, so I opened 2NT, Paul responded 3C, Ken doubled, I bid 3D, and he bid 3H. I should have raised to 4H, and really considered it, but I didn't like having only the three top hearts to cover the short diamonds and opted for 3NT instead. Paul had S A-J-x-x H J-x-x-x-x D x-x C K-x, leaving me very short of diamond coverage. Fortunately, thanks to the lead-directing double, Dan rejected the killer diamond lead (although I still make the contract with the ace of diamonds, five hearts, and four spades) and led a club to Ken's ace and a diamond return. I took the ace right away, since I had all the stoppers I needed, and sluffed the diamonds on the queen of clubs and the long hearts. A diamond lead forces me to take my winners immediately and concede the remaining three tricks.

There's another thing I had to do today that I can't talk about until tomorrow and will have forgotten about by then. It's more physically than mentally exerting, but whatever helps people get their jobs done. That's MY job, after all.

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