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September 24th, 2012

In the end, stuff happened that made the day not seem so bad in retrospect, but it's not a day I ever want to relive. I woke up feeling the effects of a not-too-happy dinner last night, dragged myself to work because I knew I needed to go, and found that the project had abandoned my process almost entirely in favor of what I can only describe as organized chaos - everyone has to be aware that they're working against each other even while trying to accomplish the same goal, but it's hard to imagine that anyone cares about anything other than their own perspective of the project. Dozens of tickets were marked as needing my attention, but most of them had already been completed (I assume... I really didn't have the time to investigate all of them), and half of them had no indication of what was done. I did what cleanup I could while managing all the E-mail traffic from last week, then had to go from a section meeting at the base to a "ticket triage" meeting at the lab, so I couldn't even stay in one place and get the work done. Instead, I had to listen to more than four full episodes of The Enemy of the World and run my previously full gas tank down to the 3/4 mark (it usually sits at full for the first commute) in admittedly not too uncomfortable weather. Not that The Enemy of the World is a particularly bad serial - Patrick Troughton may be at his best playing two characters - but I like to stretch out my CDs to cover multiple commutes, and this serial is almost over. When I finally saw the manager who'd made many of the changes, I was a bit stressed out and very needlessly antagonistic. Thank goodness for his impeccable people skills to keep my sarcasm in check - and then I found out afterward that there HAD been a process change made, and I simply wasn't informed. I think it's important to tell me, the guy in charge of enforcing the process, what the process is. That may not be the common opinion, though.

The good news is that there's an alpha build of Quest For Infamy out, and I've downloaded it. Having privileges is awesome.

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