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September 6th, 2012

Today was rather inauspicious. My attempt to clean the shower, because the mold has given me breathing trouble, ironically filled the upstairs with chlorine gas that I still haven't managed to vent properly. That made it rather difficult to sleep, so after the downstairs couch failed me, I just stayed up most of the night while the fans ran full blast, until I finally had to turn them off so I could get SOME sleep before I had to go to work. And I had to go to work - while I'd have taken the day off sick to vent the house and sleep on any other day, today was the last day before our big deadline, and I really felt like it was my duty to be there. That may have been a mistake - although we did get a lot done and I think I contributed as much as ever with my presence, there was a really big argument over how to implement a major effort that's been out there for weeks, and while I like to think it's because I was tired and full of chlorine, I didn't handle it as well as I should have. My resolve to stay as late as I was needed amounted to an hour of reviewing one ticket, because I wanted to dig into our database update implementation and how it should be done - I want to have a single, common method to update all three databases, which we all agreed was a good idea, but we couldn't agree which of the methods to make the common one. Fortunately, we don't really NEED that to be decided until we actually have to do the update. For now, we're just putting in the framework that will eventually allow us to use a method at all.

I ran the fans about as long as I could stand this evening, and the chlorine smell is already starting to build up again. Should be another sleepless night. I think I'm just going to shut everything down early and see whether sheer tiredness can make me fall asleep - it usually just keeps me awake, but maybe something's changed this time. It can't be much worse than last night.

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